The usual

12:24 AM

I'm not the usual. I don't want to go dancing in the club, drunk on vodka. I want to sit by that lonely bench and look at the city lights. I want to lay on the grass, gazing at the stars. I want to sit under the moonlight and write a poem. I want to go back and forth on this swing, just like when I was little. I want to dance on the road, that's busy with cars in the day. I want to sprint through the field like a free bird. Let me be, I'm not the usual.

I watch ol' Disney movies at nights when I can't sleep. I wear my brother's t-shirts more than I wear my own. I have a weird fetish for fallen feathers and boulevards. And I believe there's nothing a pizza or a burger can't cure. Let me be, I'm not the usual.

I laugh at every joke, especially my own. I'm a girl, and I dislike pink. I'm a sucker for sunrises and sunsets, and rain. For someone who's so incredibly lazy, I'm surprisingly energetic at times. I come up with the most awesome comebacks for an argument, 10 hours after it was already over. I eat ice-creams even with a sore throat. Let me be, I'm not the usual.

Reading a book is the most beautiful thing in the world to me. Twenty years into life, and I still don't know how to receive compliments. I am, and I will always be fascinated by butterflies. The infinity of the universe inspires and scares me at the same time. Let me be, I'm not the usual.

I'm an emotional wreck of insecurities, excitement and anxiety. Let me be, I'm not the usual.

Picture credits: Madhavi Arora

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