Love, and all that shit

11:46 PM

Lovers depart, friends betray, families grow apart, pets die, food runs out. Everything we love, comes to an end someday. Our hearts break, we grow weak and vulnerable. Sadness engulfs us, as we moan the shattering of our spirits. Each day becomes a living hell, and each night is lonelier than the previous. Trusting someone becomes a job harder than choosing an ice cream flavor. And then there comes a time, when we are fed up of grieving. When we decide to leave it all behind. When we decide to be happy again. Eventually, we seek comfort in other things, other people. Sure, we have moments when all those memories break us, but we get back up. Sooner or later, there's joyous confetti around us, faded colors are bright again, withered flowers bloom again, broken hearts piece back up, tastier food arrives. Us humans, we're obsessed with the idea of love. We think love is what will save us from our demons. Over the course, we get hurt, we even often lose our minds, and yet, most of us grow past it. What we never realise is that we don't need any saving. Love was never meant to save us. All these years and we turn a blind eye to love. We venture through this labyrinth of suffering, we all do. Why, you ask? Because we all need to realise that we all have the strength to come out of it. We're only mortals, and the idea of seeking love runs through our veins. But we forget how destructive it is to search for it in other mortals, before we find it in ourselves. It will all come to an end, that's inevitable. And we will all tread past it, we will all forget it someday. Someday, this perfume won't remind you of your estranged lover. Someday, you'll sit at that bench you used to, with your ex-best-friend, without realizing it is that spot. Someday, you'll smile at the happy memories of your deceased father, instead of shedding tears. Someday, you'll adopt another dog. Yes, you will. There will be a day when you will feel better again. Because that is what it is about. We will all forgive and forget someday, we will. That is what love teaches us. Love does not save you, you save you.

Picture credits: Madhavi Arora

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