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Do you live alone or is it your lucky day when you're Home Alone? Or the other members of your family are out for most part of the day and you get to have the house all by yourself? Well, if you do, I am sure you are so-gonna-relate to ALL of these things that we, the loners, get to enjoy in our own company. "Yeah, baby I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight." ..just an empty house would do.

Because WHO SAID BEING ALONE COULD NOT BE FUN? Read along to discover all the perks of being alone at home and comment down below your favorite one. :D

1. You get to walk around naked

Not just the bathroom, you could be in the kitchen and still be...naked. So, it comes down to Naked-Everyday and not just Naked-Thursdays when you live alone. (Waddup F.R.I.E.N.D.S' reference. *self-five*)

2. Eat WHATEVER you want without getting judged

Going through a hard time? Or following a diet but ACTUALLY not following it? It's alright, nobody has to know what you eat when you are alone. If nobody sees you eating it, the calories don't count. So, grab that packet of chips, eat it all, or that bottle of wine and gulp it all down, eat that box of black-board chalk(reminiscing your school days when you used to steal the chalk and eat it all? Me too.) or even eat the furniture; break the boundaries, go over the top, the only one stopping you is yourself.

3. Pee with the bathroom's door open

You waited until the last minute and now you just have to go running to the bathroom, YOU'VE GOT NO TIME TO EVEN LOCK THE DOOR. Lol yeah when you are home alone, you don't have to worry about the latch. No body is going to see you wee-wee or hoo-hoo.


You don't have to worry about your phone getting wet while you take it with you in the shower to listen to music while you bath. You can play the music outside the bathroom and leave the door open for uninterrupted sound. Enjoy your music and your bath and maybe even sing like a croak, nobody cares :)))
You don't even have to go the bathroom fully clothed and then strip before taking your shower, you can just walk right in nude. (Maybe even do the moondance walk, Superstar entry, oh yeah). So freeing. 

5. Now that we are talking about singing and music...

Listen to anything you want, how-so-ever loud you want, there's nobody to boss you around to lower the volume. (You can deal with the neighbors later. Or not at all- With that loud music, you may not even hear the doorbell. Ignorance is bliss :)) ) 
And nobody will judge your choices, you might just play "Lagawale lu jab lipistick" and shake the "deeees-tik", there's no one stopping you. Oh, the happiness.

6. Of course, when you are shaking the "district" there is gonna be some dancing, actually not some, A LOT

Do you not dance at parties because when you do, you look like Chandler? Well, when you are home alone, you can do all the Chan-Chan-Man dancing that you want. 

7. And the last one is my favorite ...Sleeping uninterrupted 

Sleep for as long as you want, wake up at 2 p.m., ignore the don't need to get up to give the garbage away, eh you can do that tomorrow, so what if your kitchen rots with the smell of day old waste, as if you are going to go stand in the kitchen and do the cooking while you are all by yourself? I am probably gonna order a pizza. And after finishing my brunch by 3, I am again going to take my afternoon nap and maybe wake up in the year 2035. Ah, the bliss of waking up to go to sleep again.

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