What do you know?

8:12 PM

Wounded, hurt, broken,
But she's still smiling,
Will you ever discern-
The pain she perfectly hides?

What do you know about her?
Whom you hold so close to you,
Never realising,
That she's obscuring behind a mask.

What do you know?
About the shattered pieces of her dreams,
Shamelessly taking shelter,
Inside those twinkling hazel eyes.

About the fears,
Hiding in her tangled hair.
About the anxiety she fiercely holds,
Within her fists.

About the burnt blemishes on her arm,
Or her hidden birthmark,
About the scar on her forehead,
About the wounds on her heart.

About the secrets camouflaging,
In the dimples, at the bottom of her spine,
About the insecurities,
Concealed in her stretch marks.

What do you know about her childhood dreams?
About her ambitions and aspirations?
About her 2AM sadness?
And 3AM ecstasy?

About the battles she fights with herself,
About the lost thoughts,
Residing in her wonderful mind.
About the love she craves.

What do you know?

Picture courtesy: Instagram 

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