Humility should be a universal language. - Shoutout for a book stall in front of Moolchand Metro Station

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"A simple act of kindness creates an endless rimple"
Our character is defined by how we treat those who are below us and not above us. Being humble to those who are not your equals- those who have less than you, is what makes you a good person. 

"How do you make your life simple.?" I was asked this question in the final round for winning the school title at my farewell. 
"Wearing khadi clothes or going without makeup for a day is not what accounts for being simple in life. You are a simple man if you don't complicate things by having two sides to your personality- by treating those above you as your gods and those below you as they are non-existent entities. Humility is what makes you simple, being true to your roots is what makes you simple, being kind and humble is what makes you simple. This is what the true meaning of 'simplicity' is." This is what I wanted to say on the stage that day but I couldn't. I fumbled to put my emotions into exact words but they didn't really come to my mouth. I blabbered on, yes. But I don't think I made much sense. Not that I am a bad public speaker or anything, actually on the contrary, I was deemed to be a good one during my school years- anchoring, participating in debates and all (Not self-bragging...just wanting to make a point here) but that day the right words just didn't come to my mouth because, well, this is a very sensitive issue- too close to my heart. I have seen instances of people on streets being treated badly by the so called 'rich' ones just because the former belong to a lower economical background or practice a profession that the latter don't approve of...just because they are rickshaw-pullers, hawkers, labourers or security guards. Seeing all these instances in my daily life saddens me beyond measure. I am really surprised by the fact that people fail to understand a simple logic in life- 'What goes around, comes around'. Karma is a watchdog that will fuck you up when your time comes. You will be treated the way you treat others, not in hell or heaven- right here in this life, on this planet. 

Every profession is equal and so is every human being who is working hard to make both ends meet- who is working hard in 'pursuit of happiness'. And trust me, I have seen that those who have less in life have relatively bigger hearts than those who have abundance of everything, the latter keep on striving for attaining more. 

I was helped by the watchman of the government school which was the venue for my board examinations of Class 12th, who lent me his cellphone to call my dad when I had forgot to tell him that the buses don't ply from the exam centre, and thus there was no one to pick me up at the gate. He asked me to wait at the reception until somebody comes to pick me up. What duty did he have towards me? Nothing. The school authorities expressly state that their school is just being used as a mere centre for conducting the board examinations  and they have no duty towards the students any time except the exam hours- especially regarding their transportation or whatsoever. No teacher in the school premises cared. No other parent who had come to pick their wards up cared. Then why did he make sure that I reach home safely? Humanity and humility. Yes, that is what we mostly lack when we earn a lot of money.

Labelling such people as criminals and centring our perception of them based on that label is the worst we can do for the society.  One of the main sociological theories of deviance is labeling theory. Labeling theory refers to the idea that individuals become deviant when a deviant label is applied to them; they adopt the label by exhibiting the behaviors, actions, and attitudes associated with the label. Labeling theory argues that people become deviant as a result of others forcing that identity upon them. This process works because of stigma; in applying a deviant label, one attaches a stigmatised identity to the labeled individual. 

I believe poverty and delinquency are unrelated. If there are poor who commit crimes, there are also not any lesser number of the rich who do the same. 

Free your mind, break the stereotypes and help the people in need. A simple act of kindness creates an endless ripple which comes to you. Those who work hard in silence on the streets or in the offices deserve the same treatment. 

Be humble and try to help as many people as you can. There is this little guy who sells novels right in front of the Moolchand Metro Station's exit, stationing all his book-collection on a pavement, he works hard under the scorching hot sun to earn his and his family's survival. 
Here's a shoutout to his hard work. Go show him some love and buy ad many books as you can and like and heyyyy, THE BONUS-you get to buy books at such a cheap price- "The girl on the train" by Paula Hawkins for as low as ₹200, even lesser than half the actual price, CAN you believe that? Go steal the deal and make his day. Life is too short so pause and make time for at least one good dead a day. Spread smiles. 🤗❤️

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