10:46 PM

Wild winds flow through my veins,
Thunder resides in my mind,
I may look calm outside,
But there's a never-ending storm in me.

A tempest so violent,
It destroys everything it loves,
The trees, the houses,
The people, their hearts.

Hues of gray cover the sky,
There's an outburst of emotions,
That twirl into this squall,
Destroying lives.

But then you came,
The rain stopped, the sun shone,
Through the rustling leaves,
Of this lonely boulevard.

Like a little child's work,
You painted my monochrome world,
Using every color,
On your magical palette.

My broken heart flutters,
My stomach blurts out butterflies,
There's goosebumps on my skin,
And a smile on my face.

You built a city of hope,
On the ashes of my past,
My hands are still shaking,
But with the beauty of this joy.

And with your brush strokes,
And that beautiful mind,
The storm inside me,
Is finally at peace.

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