11:46 PM

Broken hearts, tear-stained faces, swollen eyes, tired minds.
But people like you and me,
We see beauty in everything,
Even in sadness.

Little sobs, and silent screams,
Like a rhythm,
With a blurry vision,
And a lump in my throat.

Trembling hands, throbbing head,
Tensed muscles, crimson eyes,
Empty gaze, draining energy,
Pounding heart, stabbing brain.

Painful, is what it is.
Unbearable, unwanted.
Heart wrenching.

But I still pick myself up,
A smile is forced through the tears,
And as I look into my reflection,
I see, what love can do to us.

One moment, it is so fulfilling,
Another, it breaks you inside out.
One moment you have everything,
And another, you're completely lost.

Because you and I,
We are no different from each other.
We fall for people,
Before we fall for ourselves.

Picture courtesy: Madhavi Arora

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