I wonder...

11:23 PM

And when I looked back at that time, I remembered how I smiled. Can you imagine what kind of smile would an orphan wear who has been recently adopted? I wish I could show it to you, because for the first time in 6 years of my existence, a lady had looked at me and smiled out of affection and not pity towards me. And that touched my heart. That lady, who is my mom now, tells me that the smile I gave her in return was the best she had ever seen, she had seen it reach my eyes and it had made them twinkle. And I believe her. And I believe everybody deserves to see such a genuine gesture, hence I wish I could show it you. Or maybe you could have seen it if you might have had adopted one of those 99 friends of mine who looked at me with eyes that showed contempt and hope when that lady in the Blue dress had chosen me. And even if you missed it then, you can experience it now, by giving home to one of those thousands of homeless children who deserve happiness no less than myself. I wish all those 99 friends of mine would have found homes by now because remembering their faces still breaks my heart a little. Of course I was happy, I was very happy... but I still distinctly remember all of those eyes staring at me and to this day I wish they would not have been there, i wish they would also have become the chosen ones, i wish they would also have been going to new homes with their new mumma papas but alas, that did not happen, at least that day. I wonder how easy is the path to happiness which is also the solution to one of the biggest problems of this planet, 'overpopulation'. And yet people don't realize it. I wonder why do they not realize it. 

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