Run. Jump. Dodge. Stay Strong.

9:16 PM

Dino: "Run,jump,run and don't fall for any of the fucks thrown at you. Just keep going your own way." We often forget this very valuable lesson and start getting bothered about what society has to say. But as a part of "Ideas are everywhere" series (the rest of the excerpts can be found on the blog in previous posts), I just wanted to remind each one of the persons who might be reading this to get inspired from wherever they can and just keep going on their lives. I got reminded of this by the Dino game in offline mode of Google chrome(i never have any game on my phone, so yeah)I was playing the other night when I was unable to sleep. Tossing and turning in my bed I decided to give up trying to sleep and started fiddling with my thoughts. That is when the idea for this blogpost struck me, "How similar our life is to that Dinosaur game!" We are judged, labelled, talked trashed about, let down, brought down and what not! But how many fucks should we give? None. We should work on ourselves, everyday. Every minute is an opportunity to improve. Not because somebody else thinks we are not good but because we are our own competition. We have to get better than what you were yesterday or else life becomes stagnant. Lord Krishna had directed Arjuna in Bhagwat Gita, 'Karm karte jaayo, fal ki chinta matt karo.' This is what our motto in life should be. Our focus should be on working. Working towards ourselves, for ourselves. Every action of ours should be directed at working hard regardless of how many obstacles come in the way, regardless of how many people want us to stop. We should not fall for these traps, not even incidentally lest the game will be over. And we will have to start from scratch. (But we should not be afraid to do that too, even if that happens. Life is about taking chances until you succeed. Pursuit is what counts more than the destination.❤ And maybe this importance of the pursuit as against the final destination is what these endless running games want to teach us. *Another game reference waddup️*) Run. Jump. Dodge. Stay strong 💋

    Picture credits: Instagram(Random screenshots)
          Don't let this be done to you.

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