10:12 PM

It is amusing. The person merely sitting right next to you might be broken, but it's amusing how you would never know. You would never know about their battles, their wars; neither the ones they had with themselves, nor the ones they had with the world. They might have been victims of the world's sadness, or happiness, but you can never just tell in one look, and sometimes, in even a lifetime. You can never tell how many scars still lay on their hearts, or how many wounds have healed. You can never know. It is amusing. And it is sad. Sad, that we believe the smiles, or the tears, when we don't have the slightest idea of what lies beneath them. And so it is beautiful. It is breathtaking how even after this apprehension, we all believe; we all trust. We put our faith in others, and we love. Because at the end of the day, we're only humans, looking for someone who would understand us and our secrets. Who would love us for our deeds, even through our sins. And we know we are complex, and that is why we fall for anybody who tries to decipher us. Because we know how exhausting it is, and so we appreciate it. We fall for anybody who shows us their real soul, because it requires strength, because it is rare in a world where outer beauty is more significant. Imagine what our world would be if instead of bodies, we could see people's souls. Imagine what definition would "beauty" and "strength" hold, then. Imagine.
The world is imperfect, and the irony is, its beauty lies within its complicated imperfections.
- 3 AM thoughts

Picture courtesy: Madhavi Arora
Captioned: "The hustle and bustle of the city."

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