Let It Be

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Do you ever get that feeling where your heart wrenches and you want to scream out? You long for that one hug from that one person so much that you keep thinking about them all the day and cannot sleep at night because you know even the dawn won't bring them back to you. Or you had been preparing day and night for that entrance exam or your dream job interview and you couldn't get it. You keep thinking about what did you do wrong, where did you leave any scope for this kind of thing to happen; you loved him so much and yet you screw it up; you had burned the midnight oil and yet you could not get your dream college or dream job.

You know what? It is not your mistake sometimes. These things, they happen. But that is no reason to disturb the central force that drives you forward. Is that? You should not stress your mind so much thinking about your failures; let it be failed relationships or failed examinations or job interviews. Rather put this energy and thought into positive things. Negativity can drive you insane, mind it. You do not need any kind of negative vibes in your life. You deserve so much better than that.

So what should you do when this happens?

1. Stop thinking too much about the past and make the most of your present.

I recently read this book titled 'The Monk who sold his Ferrari' by Robin Sharma and the first life lesson it taught me was to rule out the past from your life. You hear so much so often the quote 'You cannot have a better tomorrow if you keep thinking about yesterday.' And it is true! YOU CANNOT. But even though so many people know this fact, hardly anybody applies this simple formlua to their daily lives. To be honest, almost everybody thinks about 95% of the same thoughts as they were thinking yesterday. This is like wasting the tremendous power that you possess where you can think, act and change your entire world. Homosapiens are the only lucky 'animals' who have the most developed brains as well as bodies, yet they are making no use of it and rather wasting it by thinking rigorous thoughts day by day. Human minds are so powerful that some sages of Himalayas have used their mental powers in such a way that they can slower their heart beats voluntarily. However,   this is not our goal. All we require is happiness and peace. And here, we are not claiming for world peace. We are talking about inner peace. And how do we attain it? Stop thinking about yesterday. Think of your mistakes as your lessons and move on. Actually, there are no mistakes; just lessons. Stop overthinking and devote all your energy to present; neither past nor future.

2. Rule out every negative thought by a positive one.

I know this is very hard but not impossible. It can change your life in tremendous ways that you cannot even think of. You can forget about your yesterday and its negative vibes will eventually wither away if you start thinking 'bout something positive in your life everytime you get a negative thought. And you can also try meditating to make your mind strong so that it adheres to your orders. Buddha had quoted 'Rule your mind or it will rule you.' And we all know that mind is a terrible master. Yet it is a bery good slve once we can conquer it and not let it wander away.

3. Let it be.

Seriously, stick to this rule. And here, i am not encouraging you to be stable. Stability is not what you desire. It is self growth that will help you. Let it be, here is for, what has already happened. There is no point cribbing about the past. There is no point texting your ex boyfriend over and over again, there is no point obsessing about him, there is no point crying about that examination you did not pass. However, work on yourself. Improve yourself. Make your self a better person. Think positive thoughts. You cannot attain materialistic, spiritual or physical gains with a negative attitude. If you change yourself as a person and let things happen as they're supposed to: you will see a universe of possibilities and opportunities. Grab them and move ahead. You might fall in love again or you might get your ex boyfriend back if it is meant to be, they might see how changed as a person you are and they might start missing you too in their lives, you might get a better college or a better job than the one could not get. All you need to do is LET IT BE.

P.S. Follow the MAGIC RULE OF 21: Try ruling out the negatives for 21 days in your life and it will become a habit. It takes 21 days to make a habit. You will eventually overpower your habit of 'thinking negative' with 'thinking positive'. And within 21 days, just 21 days; you will feel the difference in yourself.

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