The road less travelled

9:02 PM

They told me to take the road less travelled,
I did as they said.
Oh, but then everyone took the same road unravelled,
After all there are no rules laid.

Well then the road became conventional,
Traffic increased and so did the competition.
So many cars in one lane,
Honking, yelling and trying their best to reach the target plain.

With all this hype, they all got stuck into a traffic jam
Not many could get through it, some broke down like Bamn!
"If you take the road less travelled, you will have to be on your own.
Be ready to face the challanges!" They said.

See, I took the road less travelled; I so wish I was alone.
People, if nothing, I have learnt a great deal in my life:
It is not about the road, it is about your car,
Get it serviced regularly and see that it is maintained then only can you help it survive!

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