Sunday bliss

12:30 PM

I was sitting on one of the corner seats, dressed like a celebrity. Nervous, happy, baffled, scared, excited. It was time for the "Photographer of the year" award. Nail biting moments. My face turned pale due to the anxiety of who the winner would be. I heard my name and I jumped with joy. I could act all sophisticated and not-too-excited but my cheeks were shamelessly flushing out the color of red and my teeth just refused to hide themselves. I was grinning ear to ear as I was approaching the stairs of the stage. All eyes on me, the sound of the applause of a 1,000+ audience and the whistles. But all I could hear was my heartbeat; loud and clear. I was on the last footstep when I felt something strange over my face. And the next thing I knew...I was in my bed, sleeping till late on a Sunday morning (as usual), while my Love was trying to wake me up with his wet kisses. Sigh*

Hi, I'm a Computer Engineer, who dreams to be a photographer someday, living in a rented apartment, with the love of my life.

Although I was extremely disappointed that it was just-another-crazy-dream, yet I was delighted, at the sight of "him". I wished him "Good Morning" and hugged him tight. I love hugs. Warm, nice, affectionate, impromptu hugs. He, on the other side, was not quite a fan. However, he never complained when we layed there on the terrace, under the beautiful starry night, while I hugged him for hours.
I got out of my bed and he was literally jumping around me, his eyes sparkling like diamond. It was Sunday after all; the only day when we spent all our time in each other's company. Just the two of us. Time passed like a peaceful brook. We'd eat all we wanted, watch nice movies while gorging on popcorn and coke, talk for hours, go out shopping, and sometimes I'd sing songs for him on the guitar. He was the best part of my screwed up world. Nothing else made me as happy as his presence.
In the evenings, we would venture out for long walks and take loads of pictures. And not to forget ice cream! He loves vanilla. Lot of fun and goofing around follows the rest of the day. After a delightful time, we come back home. I get busy in completing my office crap lazily on the sofa, while he quietly rests his weary head on my lap. When I'm finished, I kiss him and sleep in the same position, because who'd want to wake up this cutie from his sleep. Next morning, I'm back to my hectic life. He's trying to wake me up by licking all of my face and taking off my blanket with his mouth while his care-taker/my domestic help has already arrived. Meet Love, my pet dog, the love of my life.

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