Where are you?

12:22 PM

Here I am, all alone,
standing amidst the storm,
strength draining away, my heart moans,
where are you?

You said you'd be there,
to keep me warm, when I'm cold,
and you said you will care,
when everybody else wont.

I cant see you,
not anywhere close.
Where have you been to?
Hold my hand, I need you.

I've lost my way,
darkness surrounds my soul.
And here in pain, I lay,
while tears stream down my face.

My heart is afraid, and so am I,
"Everything will be alright",
it's all a lie.
I'm tired of waiting now.

I'm naive, I'm weak,
The pain inside me,
has reached its peak,
it's taking its toll on me.

But, where are you?
Where are you?

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