..drifting apart..

12:14 AM

We saw each other in the corridor and smiled,
Knew that it wasn't going to be just for a while
Oh, then when in the same class we sat across each other,
We knew we were gonna be together forever.
No it is not my lover who I am talking about,
It is my best friend.
Yes, She and I were gonna set the trend.
We hung out, laughed, cried, went shopping, hugged, gossiped, and didn't need anyone else.
Each other's company was all we needed, no more no less.
But good things don't stay forever, they say.
She got new friends, what role was I to play?
I missed her and tried to catch upon,
But everytime I tried, the more left out I felt thereupon.
I have finally decided to step back and wait,
Hoping a text to start popping up every other day, once again,
'Call me @ 8'
True friends are hard to find and I guessed she was one of them.
And yes, she might surprise me; For Miracles happen when we least expect them.
Of course letting go is an option, but then you just can't.
When someone becomes as important as one of your body parts,
You cannot even think of drifting apart.

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