A love story

11:53 PM

Ruhan woke up. He looked at the clock. It was 12.22am and it was still dark outside. He got out of his bed and went out in the balcony. The cool wind touched his face gently. He closed his eyes, and his lips turned up into a curve. Thoughts of Myra flooded his mind. Her pretty face, her soft skin, her contagious smile, her mesmerizing eyes. He laughed to himself as he relived the moments of when he had first met her. Lost in his own world, he was staring at the sea, and smiling like an idiot. It was a breathtaking landscape. The moon, the sea, the golden sand, the lit up sky, and...wait. Whats that? Who is that out on the beach at this time of the night? Ruhan kept staring at the stranger, who now suddenly pulled out her hairband. Her hair were now flowing with the wind. Ruhan smiled again, as if he knew who it was. He rushed to the beach. The stranger was still standing there, as if stoned. Ruhan sneakily moved closer and tapped the stranger on the shoulder. She looked at him, and smiled. Ruhan was now grinning. Yes, it was Myra. She loved cool wind and long walks and the beach.
"What are you doing here?" Ruhan asked, still grinning.
"Couldnt sleep", replied Myra, staring straight towards the sea, as if lost in deep thought.
"Its beautiful out here, isnt it?", Ruhan said.
"Yes", said Myra, now looking at Ruhan, in the eyes.
Ruhan had never seen this side of Myra. She had always been this excited, hyper and bubbly girl. But she seemed different today. He then noticed that Myra was dressed up in her favorite piece of clothing, her white dress. She looked beautiful. Even better than all the eternal beauty that surrounded her.
"Are you out on a date?", Ruhan asked, curious for an answer.
"No", replied Myra, in a rather uncomfortable tone.
"Then why exactly are you here, dressed up like that?".
Myra smiled, looked at Ruhan and asked cheekily, "I look nice, no?".
"Beautiful", said Ruhan, almost blushing.
"Thanks", said Myra, winking at him, and turned to the sea again.
It had been an year since Ruhan and Myra were friends, but Myra still seemed like a stranger to Ruhan. There was so much to her. As if she was a whole new world every next moment.
After a few moments of silence, Myra began speaking, "I want ice-cream". She had always been in love with ice-cream. Ruhan held her hand and said, "Lets go!". They walked along the beach, talking, laughing, smiling, teasing, eating ice-cream. Amazing.
It was almost 2 when Myra insisted that both of them should go back to their rooms and get some sleep. Ruhan didnt want to leave, neither did Myra, but they both agreed and started walking towards Myra's room. They laughed and discussed how amazing the night had been. They had reached Myra's room now. They wished each other 'good night' and Myra hugged Ruhan and said 'thankyou' for the ice-cream. It was time for Ruhan to venture back to his room, and for Myra to open the door and fall asleep into her soft bed. But none of them seemed to move. An awkward silence surrounded them. Ruhan came a step closer to Myra. She blushed, and smiled. They could feel each other's breath. Myra smelled of the perfume that Ruhan had once gifted her. They were looking deeply into each other's eyes when Myra touched her lips with that of Ruhan. Ruhan clutched Myra tightly in his manly arms; Myra's arms were around his neck. It was a beautiful night. It was the start of something new. They kept kissing, none of them wanted to let go. Myra departed her lips from Ruhan's, and hugged him as tight as she could. Ruhan hugged her tighter. Myra whispered, "Lets go inside.". Ruhan nodded. She let go of Ruhan and began opening the door. She didnt notice that Ruhan was blushing, deeply. He hugged from behind and kissed her neck. They entered her room, and Myra rushed to the end of it to switch on the lights. She turned around, Ruhan was still standing at the door, only that the door was closed now. Myra walked towards him, held his hand and said, "Make yourself comfortable", pointing towards the sofa. "Coffee?". "No", said Ruhan, smiling, forcing his body to touch hers, his hand cupped around her waist. "I love you", he said, in a low voice. Myra looked him in the eye and said, "I love you right back". They began kissing again. Their bodies danced against each other's, as if they were one. It was a lovely night, two friends had fallen in love.

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