Life Bitch-ed her; She ditched Life.

1:22 PM

She wants to touch the sky,
But her wings have been cut.
And on the ground, here she lies,
Just wishing if she could go back to who she was.

She was this girl,
So strong and ever-smiling.
They would say she's as precious as a pearl,
And they were the ones who walked away from her.

All her strength started to drain away,
As she stood there watching them leave, one by one,
All of them had promised to stay,
But they left her alone, when she needed them.

Promises are indeed meant to be broken,
Everyone leaves, one day or the other,
And they leave behind the memories of "remember when",
While you, cry yourself to sleep.

But she stood up again now,
She has become her own hero,
She grew back her wings and how.
She's smiling again, she's living again...

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