Lambo fell in love ♥ - II

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Don't know who's Lambo? Read the first part here. Lambo fell in love ♥ - I

                                                                  Part II

With the handle in his pawns, Lambo is too eager to reach Crand Gentral Station from where he's going to take train to reach his destination; Fritzie :')

It's not going to be as simple as ABC.

When an unskilled driver is driving your vehicle, two things come to haunt you :

--> The devastated image of your vehicle.

--> Your Funeral.

And I was really aghast by the latter. So I decided to keep Lambo's mood good so that his habit of ruining good days breaks up with him. Although, he was ecstatic and energetic , he still didn't know how to drive a scooter. Okay, Mr. Coehlo mentioned in The Alchemist that "When you really want something to happen, the whole world conspires to help you achieve it." ,  but you still need to have the skills for the world to be your companion. 

" Mind that Bicycle, LAMBO!" I screamed; in vain.  That little boy on the bicycle with a bucket in front of his little bike was smashed by Lambo. Oh sorry. My Scooter. Thankfully, the boy was still not too shabby, but his bicycle was torn apart. The pedals, the basket, the puncture-proof wheels, his water bottle, and a ton of nuts and bolts, were lying on the street. The guy who didn't even know where those nuts and bolts fit, was on a racetrack with hundreds of them in front of him. No doubt, the expression on his face was terrifying. Drops of water going down his cheeks with a Super- Treble voice of his crying, he was today's first victim. 

I revolted! But the dog was too stubborn to change his decision. I guess he really wanted to be the next F1 Champion.

He won the next few encounters shifting from right to left, driving on footpaths and main holes. The sad part was that our destination was still miles away and I could just intuitively count the number of patients the hospital was going to get today.

Driving at 50km/h is fine but to shift gears the moment you see something like a steep slope just like in THE GUY THING is not. My scooter's shockers were given an extra dose of shock. As the dog doesn't understand that the movie was shot under specific arrangement and that our roller coaster jump could result into a fatal accident, there we were. An old lady was walking right in front of us with her bamboo stick guiding herself through the busy roads. I knew it --> A murder attempt was on the cards. I was just a human being and so Madhavi's piece of heart trampled the lady. BOOOOOOM! I could see the Bamboo stick landing at the rooftop of the building, 3 shops away. But. But. But. Where's the Lady? Right in front of me. No. Not on the road. But on the mudguard of my scooter. There she was. As if showcasing her Martial arts knowledge to me and Lambo. My instincts told me that the vehicle had to stop otherwise the old lady's heart would burst and I'll have to spend the rest of my life in the YNPD criminal cell. Lambo was good enough to recognize the brake and stopped the scooter. The lady was still stuck on the mudguard as if some invisible glue mixture had been applied to her clothes. I stepped out and removed the lady from my property. I put my hands on her neck. My heart took a deep breath. She was Alive. I could still fancy my chances of going to London and live a "happily ever after"  married life with my girlfriend. 

A guy called the ambulance and was generous enough not to dial 911. Before the Ambulance was on the scene, I told Lambo to accelerate. I got into my position and Lambo on his. We were on our way. After destroying a child's new bicycle and almost killing an old lady, we were on our way. Brace Yourselves Yew Norkians. 

The destination was about 10 miles away and I could breathe easy now. With the sun almost on the horizon, the traffic was not as heavy as it was in the morning. "Lambo will steer his way through this." I said to myself. As an old man told me, "Never lose hope. Don't worry. And always think of the beautiful side of things." I started imagining stuff that I'd do after getting back to the hood. I thought about the games, beer, movies and ofcourse my girlfriend. While her face was still crystal clear on my eyes, Lambo got into the Rider mood again. Without even loosing a second, I got ready to jump, dance, perform martial arts and all sorts of stunts. This dog really had other plans. I don't know whether Madhavi taught him about red and green. Yes! He had run a red light. And the voice of the siren that I had always heard in a movie was beeping right behind me. YNPD is quick. Really quick. 

As if turned on by the siren, Lambo begin to accelerate even harder. However, with our destination just a mile away, A bamboo stick (not that lady's xD) brought our demise. The speedometer was down to zero and two Officers, a guy and beautiful lady were standing right beside me. I was a movie freak and could easily figure out what they were going to do to us. Yes. You got it right. The Criminal cell.

With my scooter confiscated by the YNPD and myself being put in the jail, the day surely turned out to be a really bad one. My mom told me. Some days are like that. It's just that it was my first experience. 

To put the stats in order, it was a Monday. 

--To be Continued--

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