The girl with brown eyes

9:35 PM

I remember 
How your chest would elevate
And your stomach would draw in close to mine
When you'd rise up to kiss me
Clutching my hair in your hands
Or sometimes holding at my waist
While other times resting them on my cheeks
Exactly then would I feel a tingle on the inside of my thigh
A sensation I remember so distinctly
For I have never felt it again while I have been kissed numerous times
By various people
Since you left me

I remember 
That feeling and I had known that it'd would last a lifetime 
Making me long for it
For i saw it in your eyes
When you were kissing me under the bright halogen lights of a dark nightclub
I saw it only then
Just that one time
Because that was the first time I ever opened my eyes while kissing you
And i found you staring right back at them
Those magnificent brown eyes
I ponder
That they must've been ever so wide open everytime you'd kiss me
For people who kiss with their eyes open
Never stay,
I know.

I remember
For I keep looking now
Eyes wide open every time I am being kissed by a new person
Looking for a pair of brown eyes to meet mine
Fixated at me
Still, with a gaze as if they were searching for someone
Someone who would have made you feel things you'd have never felt before
In that search of yours
I didn't know what you managed to find
But I lost myself
I lost the need to belong
For now I always keep my eyes open
And people who kiss with their eyes open never stay,
I know.
They wander
As you did

I remember.


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