1:46 PM

Lying over the greenest grass,
Under the starlit sky,
The cool breeze tickles my face,
The calmness engulfs me.

I close my eyes, and I can hear,
The noisy world's cacophony dying down,
And the quiet music of the night,
Gently filling my ears.

Away from my responsibities,
Away from this world's hipocrisy,
Away from all the lies.
No, it isn't lonely; it's peaceful.

No more grayscale, worrysome thoughts,
Only sparkles, and vivid colors,
As I wander through my crowded mind,
Picking up my broken pieces.

I wanna disappear, into the wilderness,
Where my fears dance along,
To the melody of these scars.
Where my demons are put to rest.

Someday, I will disappear.

Picture credits: Madhavi Arora

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