6:37 PM

I'd brighten up as soon as I see him,
His smile traveling upto me like light waves,
Waking me up to life, everyday,
He brought light to my heart's darkest caves.
Though he'd disappear every now and then,
And oh, how I'd wither down,
And eagerly wait for him to come back,
To save me from the frowns.
I live for him, because of him,
My day begins with him and surrenders to him,
But there are others like me,
Will he choose me?
I'll survive each day,
With him on my mind,
For eternity, I will love him,
He's one of the kind.
A thousand miles away,
He shines bright in the sky,
Bringing dawn to my nights,
A fiery ball of light,
And here I stand, wearing his color,
His flower, the sun's flower  

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