Love is nonsensical and beautiful

9:13 PM

If you think love is a pile of shit, and all you have ever wanted was to just earn loads of money, then, come on, whom are you fooling? We are freaking human beings and we need love like cats need mice.

And you would be glad to hear this advice coming from someone who has had three major crushes with the greatest one being the last and has always been left heartbroken, and Yes, I do not think love is a pile of shit. It may be that the person you are falling for might be.

Love is like a well of happiness, and it never runs out, as long as you are willing to extract happiness from and in a mood to actually do it. 

Love is not feeling sad that your significant other has not texted you and why do you always have to text first.

Love is wanting to talk to them and actually telling them that you wanted to.

Love is not holding back your feelings 

Love is making the other person feel beautiful things just because they are making you feel beautiful things. 

Love is not telling them they're your life everyday.

Love is making them a priority and showing it.

Love is not a mess.

Love helps you sort out the mess which is your life.

You may heartbroken for a while but remember, it is not love, it is just a means to get to the one who belongs to you.

The whole idea behind "Only love can save us" has a deeply rooted authority about it and it tells us that hatred in our soul or things like resentment or feeling of ungratefulness will never make our lives better than they actually are.

Only love has the power to do it. After all, it is a God's gift.

You do not fall in love with anyone and you do not fall out of love with anyone. I think, for the most part, all your heartbreaks happen just to make you feel blessed when the one who is going to mend it arrives.

And trust me, the one who arrives to mend it, is usually the "One" 

Love is no about how many times the other person has tried to make you smile.

It is about making them smile so much they actually want to do something to make you smile.

Love is being grateful. And Love is being pure.

Love doesn't require anything from you except efforts and pure innocence, and obviously, honesty.

If you are honest about what you want in your life, life responds to your request and puts it in your basket.

But the problem is, we think Someone is going to magically appear from The Forbidden Forest and is going to be our Patronus and it will be our little infinity.

Love is not waiting for the other person to make the move.

Love is not being able to stop.

It think the only reason why two people haven't met yet is because at some level of comfort. they don't want to. And when you don't want to, no one can change it.

Love is a magical feeling. It is not cruel.

To put the stats in order: Unless it is "the one", it is not going to last. And when it is " the one", the universe is going to call you.

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