Another Fine Day- Cafe and Reading Room

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                               Another Fine Day- Cafe and Reading Room
A getaway from the city-life amidst the city itself
In the hustle bustle of our fast-paced lives, we hardly get any quiet time for self -introspection or as a matter of fact, any sort of quality time with just ourselves or our friends which isn't preoccupied with gulping down shots, clicking selfies and snapchatting them at the instant. The book-nerds will totally agree with us on the noisy and boastful culture of the city in which they totally find themselves as 'misfits'. Worry not, for we have found just the perfect place for y'all bookaholics (and for that matter, foodaholics, too) for a getaway from the busy life of the city; amidst the city itself. It is the insanely cute little place located in Gurgaon (MPD Towers, DLF Phase V, Golf Course Road); ANOTHER FINE DAY.

And we entered the paradise. The paintings on the wall, the drawings above the kitchen slab, the reading monkey, and the red brick walls added just the right words in the empty sentence of ours, the readers lives. We were greeted a warm 'Good Morning' by the only-one executive head of AFD. And we know that might be tough to digest but it is the true. There is only one executive and he is the head of the department. He'll greet you at the door and take your order and lay the plates for you and, when you are finally done with the reading and galloping of delicious food,he'll even hold the door open for you. You will feel at home. Plus Books. So. Technically. Paradise.

                               And here's the reading monkey, sipping a cup of coffee and reading,

The service is brilliant, and the chef is pretty quick to turn scratches on paper into materialistic edibles and the ambience inside the cafe is just the right kind. The kind of feeling you'll get if you are allowed to eat in a library, Yeah. Imagine that? Right? Exactly that.

We had a wonderful time browsing the catalog which had the likes of Harry Potter, Paulo Coelho(Veronika Decides to die too), and Karen Swan, John Grisham and co.

The only trouble we had while we were there was the Chinese lady gang which, as a matter of fact, 1. Did not speak English And 2. They talked so loudly that glasses cracked.

The best part about it is that you could go there even if you are not a bookaholic, and have delicious food which even looks gorgeous.
 And you'll have a great time because it is not as quiet as a library(since basically you're allowed talk here, unlike in a library, you can have a nice chat with your friends or your date) and not as loud as a club(so your years won't be bleeding music out).

To all the introverts out there, this is it, misfits. This is it. Library and Canteen have finally come together and they are rocking it.

Apart from having a mesmerizing ambience and some amazing reads (reader's-paradise, for sure IT IS); it is also the destination for fitness-freaks as well. The food served here is tasty yet healthy. AFD has some amazing options in their menu for all those health freaks out there. First of all, there are so many egg dishes to choose from which make a perfect breakfast option and to top that, they are comparatively (from all those usual pizzas, burgers) low in calories and high in protein. And one thing which caught our eye in the menu was a dish in the desserts section which all the fitness freaks can vouch for. They can finally indulge themselves in something sweet, yet don't feel guilty. Dessert that is healthy; sounds unbelievable, right? But the goodness of granola in a blueberry yogurt pot served in a mason jar cleared all our doubts as well. Blueberries are loaded with benefits since they tend to have antioxidant properties and yogurt is definitely the lightest dessert you could ask for.

But since we are talking real food right now for all the foodies and not just the dessert-lovers, we also have another healthy dish from their menu which will satisfy all your hunger pangs and make you feel satiated. It is the "healthy hummus", it is a kind of sub (although healthier than the usual), made of Pita bread which is stuffed with bell peppers, greens, chickpeas and hummus. Hummus' is a dip made of ground chickpeas. As we all are aware of high protein content of chickpeas which makes it the go-to protein-packed food for all the vegetarians, this dish definitely topped the menu of AFD considering the health factor. It is served with fries, which sometimes are acceptable, since obviously it's a GETAWAY. It's not like you're going to be goring on fries everyday. Well, I might *nom nom nom*.

Deliciously gorgeous.

You go try out this place right now, at this very instant (or whenever you want to, really xP ), and we will be working on...(Well, who knows what we might come up with the next time, A book review, a cafe review, hueheueh who knows?) After you come back from Another Fine Day, curl up in the blanket and leave a comment below to share your experience. Keep coffeeing ❤💕

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