10 times Barney Stinson "nailed" it

9:58 PM

How I met your Mother was more about how many girls Barney hit on and what was his conversion rate rather than about the Mother. (Even though I believe the mother should have got more seasons to her cute face ♥)

Here's a list of moments from our favorite show when Barney Stinson, aka NPH, aka Neil Patrick Harris nailed it:

1. This is how you address God. Precisely.

2. Technically, he was right.

3. Enough Said.

4. What up!

5.That is HOW you write a book. True af.

6.Wearing anything and being awesome about it.

7. Poor Teddy Boy.

8. Daddy Issues, right?

9. He guessed it just by glancing at her.

And damn, he was right.

10. Just like he did.

He was the costar of the universe of How I met your Mother. If you have got more moments when he "nailed" it, post them in the comments. Happy Coffeing.

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