Our first kiss

6:39 PM

"I wanted to surprise you", said the actor from the movie we were watching. "Do you want a surprise?", he asked, smiling at me while carressing my hand. I nodded, like a little girl who had just been offered her favorite ice cream. "Then close your eyes", he instructed, and I followed. He leant forward and touched his lips with mine, while his hands made their way to my waist as he pulled me closer. My body became tensed as his hands traveled up and down my back, occasionally touching my stomach and tickling my waist. He sighed an "I love you" into my mouth. I couldn't help but smile. He started pecking my cheeks, moving on to my neck. He then slightly lowered my shirt and my bra strap stroking my shoulder with those two pink things that curl up into the most beautiful smile, ever; his lips. I dont think I've ever felt this beautiful the entire 19 years I've spent living. It was breathtaking, literally. It was the most amazing feeling. Absolute bliss. Like nirvana. He kissed my soul and he touched it with his bare hands. But the best part? I let him. I let him do it. I wasn't afraid anymore. I think I had finally found someone worth it. Finally.  

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