Another Open Letter

12:31 AM

To  [The two beautiful (beyoutiful) ladies]

I know I could have typed this on my typewriter but when you are listening to sad songs and you are mad at yourself for not behaving the way you used to with the two most amazing ladies of your life, your laziness touches the sky and doesn't return.

First things first : I am Sorry. And I know this doesnt make things fine and I dont even expect them to.

I have been giving rude replies to almost everyone and I have had fights with my Family and I have spoken harsh truths in front of people who mean the world to me . It's not like I have been rude to you two, on purpose.

You had it. The beautiful one. You knew it. You knew what I had been going through. You got me out of the pithole and even tied me up with a chair so that I dont fall again, that late night conversation, I mean, and karma did what you least expected it to. It goddamned threw me back in the pit.

I know it's my fault that I'm depressed or whatever and I know I have lost hope and I have not been the Abhishek you two love. You. The beyoutiful one. You knew it too. You tried to pick my pieces but I am sorry the glue didn't work.

It's not like your grace and my love for you has experienced a downfall and I know this doesnt mean that you two will be mad at me for centuries and It's not like I'm not trying to get back, It's just that I need time. And You two. And I know it is hard for you to put yourself through this and still be there for me but I need you. Okay? I need you two and you have to be there. Okay?

No matter what happens, I cannot lose you. I cannot afford to. I cannot live without you. Never. Ever.

Iloveyou. And I am not even going to tell you that I freaking wrote a blog post so that you leave your work, important work to read some shit written by me, because this is not shit. This is  freaking goddamned holy shit. Or whatever. Iloveyou. And I know you love me. Youloveme, I mean. Okay. Take care. I'll be back. And that will happen soon. Sooner than you can imagine.

Yours sincerely,
Laddu Kabadi.

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