Shivering Nights

1:35 PM

Once upon a time, there was a dog named Pluto who lived with the Kutcher's on 86th lane, across the baker street, in the heart of London. He was white in color, and had a texture of black on it, the kind of texture ladies now call "Polka dots". Of all the adjectives I could think of, giving due respect to the adjectives ladies used to address him him with, the word "cute" was on the top of the list. He was the most famous pet on the entire street, and the Kutcher's used him as a brand ambassador for the sale of their goods; they made undergarments.

A beautiful couple would capture Pluto bolting down strides and catching balls in and around the house and they'd walk in the house on the request of their youngest son and then Mrs. Kutcher, who was a fat little menace with a round nose and wore rimmed glasses, would share hearty complements with them and then steer them into the hallway and would somehow get them to agree for a cup of coffee and that was it; Pluto would have got his owners a deal. Everything was going pretty well until the winters arrived.

Pluto had been in the family for quite some time but still had not been allotted a proper place to sleep in. He used to sleep in the closed hallway,and sometimes on the floor in Mila's room, who was the youngest daughter of the house. Mila didn't mind nor did Pluto and somehow, the two of them had made their way to a beautiful friendship which included Mila bringing food for Pluto and Pluto making carrying her toys from one place to the other. It was great until the winters arrived.

Mila went to her grandparents house for Christmas and Pluto was left alone at the house with the elder son Ashton, who hated pluto because he galloped his 2$ ball, and the youngest kid, Steve, who was a crawler. Pluto had to sleep alone in Mila's room for some ten days and this thought already intoxicated his mind.

He sat down on the mat in Steve's room and the air didn't feel right. He dared not to go near Ashton's room and he didn't even feel hungry that day. It was as if a part of his elephant-sized heart had been taken away by Santa Claus, which was by itself an irony.

Pluto wished but in vain; the night arrived, gloomier than the night sky and as dull as the day.

He went to Mila's room  but couldn't sleep because he missed her, and so he went to the owner's room and they showed him the door giving the excuse that they had some underwear business to take care off.

Pluto got more upset. He felt as if no one on earth wanted him to be alive except Mila. This thought made him wander about the house and reach the store room, where all the material was kept by the owner's for sale. The winters were nasty and the night was disastrous, and Pluto couldn't resist the urge to go and sleep in the store room which was intoxicated by darkness and occupied by the cozy undergarments.

It took him an hour and half to find subconscious and by the time he was half-asleep, he felt an urge to pee, and he did, on the huge pile of undergarments, on which he was supposedly snoring his dreams.

He woke up the next morning and realised what a dirty crime he had committed. The material was dry, by now, but still smelled of dog-pee. The departure of Mila turned out to be a nightmare for the little Pluto, who now, had gone even deeper in the pit of sadness.

The day followed it's usual routine, with Pluto getting his family a deal and the mesmerised couples buying undergarments at over-priced rates. The trouble was that the material they took was the same Pluto had deposited his urea-inated urine on.

Pluto prayed in front of the cross sign, which hung in front of the dining table, for mercy. Mila had taught him that the cross always listened and it had the solution to each and every problem of the world. It was the cross that he was left with now, that could save his ass, Pluto said to himself.

A couple of days later, Pluto was sitting on a dirty mat in the kitchen and Mila still hadn't returned and he always kept an ear for the telephone bell because that was a sign Mila was about to return. The bell finally rang.

Pluto's ears went up like the index finger of a cricket umpire and he started barking to let the owners know that he had some serious business down the hall.Aunt Virginia came running down the stairs, smiling and wearing an off-white gown, and picked up the phone. Pluto grinned.

Pluto overheard the conversation at his side, for obvious reasons and it went something like this :
Hello.. Yes, It's me, Virginia.. What?.. When did you buy?.. Are you sure?.. It must have been a mistake.. I assure.. I.. We are.. I'm sor.. Money?.. I.. I can pay you back.. Yes.. Okay.. No.. Please.. Yes.. Bring them now.. Okay.. I'm s.....and the phone disconnected.

By that time, Pluto was dashed to ashes by the expression which Aunt Virginia had on her face and he could sense the tycoon that was grinding about in his direction. Aunt Virginia was furious and she started screaming and Mr. Kutcher and Ashton heard her and came running down the living room. Aunt Virginia vocabularised the entire phone call to them, and tiny drops of salt water came down her eyes, and that was it.

Mr. Kutcher announced that Pluto had to leave and Ashton, who was a fine golf player, was given the task of kicking Pluto's tiny ass out of the Kutcher Mansion and he did, out of anxiety and his past grudges; On a wintery old night, Pluto was forced to join the list of homeless dogs.

He was devastated. In the past couple of days, his best friend had gone miles away from him, he had peed asleep and he had been thrown out of his house like a dirty old cloth. Of all the things that dogs can't do, crying is not one of them. And yes. At -2 degree celsius, lying near the garbage bin on the noiseless road, lay Pluto with wet eyes and a remorseful heart. The garbage bag wasn't sufficient to defy the celsius and it left Pluto shivering.

Dogs, from other houses who were less famous than their fellow mate and the already homeless ones assassinated Pluto. They abused him by calling him a douchebag and a coward and a uncontrollable pee-master and it all became terrible when a big lambardar deposited a nice and hard nudge on Pluto's head. THe sky was empty but Pluto could see stars. The gang left, and pluto cried, yet again. He hadn't seen a pint of food for twenty four hours and he remembered how Mila used to rush down the kitchen and hop over the slab to get the biscuits for him, whenever he felt rats in his stomach. And remembering the good memories in the bad time made him even more sad. He regretted the fact that he chose the cozy material over the dirty mat.. at least the mat was warm and so were its surroundings. It was not his mistake that he peed because he was not in control of his consciousness and he wondered if Mila would understand this when she'd return and invite him back to her house. He doubted that too. He had started doubting his future with Mila, the future which had not even been written yet.

Days went by and his depression deepened and he survived on the leftovers he found in the dirty black polyethenes. Some days he'd found a burger, other some grains of rice. Reality had ruined his life.

One night, when he was staring at the moon for peace and was fatiguing himself to sleep, he saw a dark blue wan coming down his way, a mystical voice coming out of the wan. Pluto kept his ground and tried to traverse the matter. It was 2 a.m. and the headlights of the vehicle were still off. Pluto sensed trouble. The voice was growing louder and louder and by the time the wan was about a hundred meters away from the garbage-yard, he figured out there were two muscular guys sitting in the wan, one of their eyes covered with a semicircular mask, and one of them smoking a cigar.

The voice resembled the crying he had heard from the mouth of his bestfriend, when Aunt Virginia refused to buy toys off the local store.

It was Milan in the back of the wan.

Pluto revolted in a whisker and jumped in front of the vehicle in a wild attempt to trip the driver into halting it.

The driver was adamant. He pushed the gas and hurried the vehicle in an attempt to kill the dog. Pluto changed his lane just in time, and save his life. Or. A part of it. Mila was still in trouble.

He ran toward the travelling vehicle in the gloomy night, with only a few street lights on the entire street. It was hard to keep track of the vehicle but Pluto was as good a runner as was the olympic winner, the only difference being he had everything to lose. The vehicle turned right, and pluto followed, the vehicle accelerated and Pluto ran faster and the vehicle tried to lose Pluto by making random turns but Pluto was determined to catch the Black eyed Pea.

In an effort to catch the vehicle, Pluto had already put his foot on two dumps and he had once slipped on a pile of dirt, but none of these had the courage to stop the runner.Until now, He was magnificent in his chase.

Pluto finally was staring in the single eye, which was visible, of the driver and then he jumped on the car, in an attempt to catch the door and hang himself on it. He couldnt. But his attempt tricked the driver into trouble and he hit the water tank and came to a halt.

Pluto crawled towards them, with his bruised leg, but one of them flee away and the other one had bruised his other eye and hence could see properly. Pluto started hitting the door until the driver got hold of his eye patch and ran out of the vehicle from the other side. Pluto was too caring not to follow him. He broke the cage somehow, using a brick and vigorous force, and got Mila out of the wan. She was frightened and hugged Pluto, little did she know what his tiny little best friend had been going through for the past couple of weeks. Pluto was thrilled to see her and hugged her even tighter. If there was anyone on earth that Pluto would die for, It was Mila.

He made a vehicle out of himself and Mila climbed on his back and disregarding his bruised leg and the mourning elbow, he walked her down the street to the house which now belonged to just her and not him.

Pluto hadn't felt this joy for quite some time, the joy he felt right now, being with his best friend. Mila told him how she was kidnapped by the two men and she thanked him for saving her life. Pluto was glad. But all good things must come to an end, lest how will we learn to appreciate them?

Mila asked him to come in, unaware, and pluto kept refusing. She was adamant and she finally started crying and this made Pluto cry but he still did not agree to go in. He told Mila everything and Mila hugged him when she heard how he was assassinated by the dirty gang of douchebags.

She ran in and rang the bell and hugged her parents and vocabularised every last detail about the very incident to her parents. Her parents had tears in their eyes and they couldn't wait to thank Pluto, who was out there breathing in the garbage dirt.

They ran toward him and Pluto ran toward them and they hugged each other and Mila sat down on the grass, watching her best friend and her parents reunite. It was as if the sky had accepted the moon, despite its inability to shine by itself.

They all went in, with Mila sitting on Pluto's back, and the Kutcher's smiling at their daughter's friendship.

On the morning that arrived, Pluto galloped another ball which came out the window of the room which belonged to Mr. Ashton Kutcher.

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