Charlie and the boat

4:34 PM

I was trying to wobble the boat down into the ocean when he clutched my hand. His touch transferred a thrill through my body like a 220 volts electric shock. It was not the first time he had touched me but it seemed the first time. It was the kind of feeling a father feels when his masterpiece touches his eyes for the first time; gentle and pure.

I was sitting in one corner of the boat and I know it was not a great time to be sitting in an open boat when the celsius had already gone below zero but there is a thing about feeling the chill at 2 am that you just can't beat. He was sitting right across me, staring at me with a statued face and soft dark brown eyes that had a tinge of black, making me wanna fall in love with him.

The fact to be noted is that we were sailing the boat all by ourselves because it was a date and we wanted peace alone at a place where there was only him and me and no one else and we didn't have to care for what others would think if we laughed like retards and made funny remarks about each other and so we ended up sailing this boat on a cold night of boxing day. And there had to be boxing in the literal sense.

He said to me : If only our thoughts could make love, would it be so much more fun and peaceful to be in love with each other.

I looked at him with an astonished look and a huge grin on my face. I mean not that he used the phrase “make love” but that he said something I had never thought of in the most literal sense and he was right. Thoughts making love. Wow. I wondered what name he had thought to call their babies. And ours,  of course. i had seen photographs from his childhood and I tell you, the moment I saw that cute kid wearing a superhero's costume,I was like We are going to make tons of babies.

“Aww. That’s a brilliant idea. If only it is possible your head would know how much I love you.”

“I love you more baby.” ( I was her princess. :) ) and with that he had already transferred his bum right beside where I was sitting and put his hands on my shoulder. Trust me, I felt complete. He was to me what the moon was to the earth and the stars were to the moon and nothing on earth could ever compare to that. If his arms were a cage, i’d do anything to be bolted in it forever.

He kissed my cheek and his lips were so cold I shivered and he held me tighter and the shiver was worth it. He started tickling the outer part of my stomach and I started giggling and he kept tickling and I kept giggling and I hugged him tight and told him he was something I had been looking for all my life and I wish I had found him earlier because then we would have spent more time together.

Of all the things I could stop laughing about, tickling was not one of them. To stop the menace, I started splashing the water on either sides using the stick oar in an attempt to shiver him down the celsius but he was adamant. I was loving his touch but he was tickling and not kissing my tummy and so I had to stop him. I started splashing more vigorously and what happened was that the move was more vigorous on one side and the boat just wobbled down into the sea to the right of us and there I was, with my boyfriend in the cold sea at two am, in his arms, my clothes wet and my face pale and my mouth making smokes out of the vapours in the air. It was cold but it was cold for a reason and if you don't enjoy the cold in the cold, why the hell are you alive, anyway?

We burst into laughter at his wild attempt to make my stomach hurt because of laughing and my even wilder attempt to summon pneumonia to my boyfriend's immune system.

To put the stats in order, I woke up at 8am hoping that my pillow had recorded the dream and would play it as soon as I get back home after my Psychology exam. Bloody stupid exams.

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