She said No.

3:52 PM

Isn't it funny how just a small, tiny little syllable could have changed the entire verse of this post? It could have been a yes. Well, of course it could have been. But it wasn't. And that's it.

Here's the cheat code, kids : If she says she doesn't like you like that, chances are she does. If she says she likes you like that, you probably should wait. Because this bulging piece of intermixed veins and arteries that you have under your rib cage is also present in her and mind you, it's a god-damn bastard. It says things that it shouldn't.

You know what? People want to be liked. And of course. You're a god damn human being yourself. Your ears are craving for these words to emit from her mouth but they haven't. And you know the reason why?  Because you've probably already exaggerated her inner and outer beauty and told her that you like her that much, humorously spreading your arms to showcase "how much". Or for that matter, this goes for anyone.

And so she already knows that you like her. Which is where you lost the deal. There's a reason it is called a hint and not an entire answer.

Quoting here becomes inevitable, from the scratches by John Green :
"The only way to get people to like you is not to like them that much."

And even if you do like them like the moon likes the stars, well, atleast don't let them know that. The counterpunch works. You think I'm joking around here? Of course, It does.

Thank me later.


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