If you haven't read these.. Well. What the.. Exactly.

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No. I'm not talking about a god damn article about how to find the right path nor am I talking about the first love letter you ever got from your Miss Emma Watson. Seriously. You still have those high school love letters? Really. Get your head out of the gutter. Because re-reading them will actually make you think about how bad your choices were, then. She was not meant to be. Of course she was not. How can you expect a sixteen year old baby to choose his wife? It's like asking a two year old about his career plans. . His face? Blank and clueless.

Anyway, The list downstairs, that you just raced to see the headings of, contains the name of scratches of paper that you must read in order to introspect and know a damn bit more about your own self. These books have all the answers. And Girls. Different colors of eyes. And Beautiful.

1. The fault in Hazel and Gus's stars. (You get me, right?)

You probably would have read this by now and if you haven't you don't deserve a pair of eyes. Yes, Mr Issac. If you're not going to use them to read the best book of the millennium, you don't damn deserve those pieces of dark chocolate in your skull.

2. The Alchemist.

Enough said, Shepherd. Type thealchemist.pdf, lazy-ass (I'd prefer paperback, though.). And read that book. Read that god damned thing, you son of a beach. ( Thank you, Lily. )

3.The HP Series.

I know, I know. You are a goddamned fan of how Kristen Stewart gives birth to a baby who's not even as white as the color white itself and you love Mrs.Meyer but trust me, Harry Potter series has more life lessons than a god-damned book named Life Lessons. Plus. There's Hermoine Granger. *Falls in love with her.*

--> Wondering why I use god-damned so much? Right. Another book from John Green.

4. Looking for Alaska.

Damn. This book full of high school/college nuisance and bad-assness is probably the best thing you could read if you are a fresher or almost out of the college. Suggested by the name, the girl is called Alaska, and she's as hot and ferocious as the city itself. And gorgeous. Mischievous. But Gorgeous.

There's more to that list but I suppose your dumb eyes would take a lot of time to read these. Hit it.

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