"I don't want you to push me out."

10:21 AM

said the child inside a womb.

God is a mighty writer, you see. And a hilarious creator. He created the earth and the moon and then he created us.

The child, inside the womb, is floating in the blood pool with its hand folded and pasted on its forehead as if trying to say : Please, No. Please. It's nice in here. I don't want to enter your world of monsters and devils full of rapists and evil doers and of course, the politicians.

It's like he's begging the mother for an abortion because he doesn't want to live in a world full of narrow minded people who give a damn about whether he has two chromosomes or three. And of course. The biggest problem of our world. What if its a woman?

Oh. Damn it, people. What if it is? Wouldn't that be the best thing to ever happen to that family? It's a girl. A new life creator, for that matter.  A woman is the closest at being GOD. Why? Because she can give life. And, of course, she can take life. And the world, I'm afraid, is upon them to showcase the latter one.

Happy Dusshera (Death of evil).


Hang on.

Too many Ravans(Devil) still alive. Dusshera postponed.

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