Last GoodBye

2:09 PM

"And she was killed. Alaska has passed away."

It just hit me that maybe, when we're busy eating pizzas, our beloved ones might be having their last warm breath on mother earth.

No one knows when the last good bye is. One moment you close the door of their car and exhale sheer happiness and wave your hand at them who are busy kissing the small of their palm and blowing the kiss to make it land right at your cheek, and five minutes later, the TV set shows a car, devastated in the most ugliest of ways, and you try to pray for peace for the family, and the number plate just hits you in the face and things fall out of your hands as your brain figures it out that is the same car you were waving at a little while ago, and you wish it is just a dream.  It might not be a dream. It might not. How sad it is that a mere three hundred seconds could take away, the people who mean the world to us. Sad.

It's like an ugly train accident. You order a cone full of spicy nutshells and ground nuts mixed with mouth-watering spices and tomatoes and green chilly pepper, and you take the cone and tear an empty part of the cone and curl it up so as to make a spoon out of it, and fill it with the content, and ask your best friend to open her mouth, and you pour it, and then she screams for water because of the green chilly, and you laugh, and she punches you, and just when you go looking for water in the other compartment, the rails dislocate. You get thrown from the walking corridor of the compartment to the other side and your shoulder is hammered and you scream; not for the shoulder, but for your friend. You accumulate all that is left inside of you and get up and make your way back to the berth where your friend was dying of spices with a bottle of water in your hand and you see blood spilled all over her body, her shoulder lying a few centimeters away from where it was when you left.. and Darn! She's dead.. and darkness surrounds your life and you just wish it would end, right here, right now. You blame yourself for it and wish it was you than her but nothing happens. She's gone and you're here and that's the ugly truth of life. You are destroyed by a meager number of nanoseconds.

You might be having the best day of your life but you can never predict what's going to happen. That's the funny thing about Destiny.

So, stop being mad at people who mean the world to you, and tell them that they are the best thing that ever happened to you. Tell them how you feel. Tell your parents that one day, you'll make them proud, and if that day never arrives, let them know that you're proud of them. Love them. Don't ever leave them because surviving without you for them would be like tampering with the laws of Mathematics.

It's like you are camping on a rocky, hilly terrain, high enough for you to carry a bottle of wine and the girl who's accompanying you in this adventurous trekking expedition is the girl you've always wanted to date but you never asked her out because of the bloody fear of rejection, and there, you make up your mind that you'll offer her wine and after drinking you'll gather your courage and say those three little words to her, and everything would go well. The trekking is better than what your mind had pictured and you reach the place where you will propose the love of your life, and you open your backpack and take out the bottle of wine and two transparent glasses written over which is "Love is inevitable.", and you serve wine to her and she reads that and blushes and you blush and then you both laugh and suddenly you get up, you hold her hand and you're about to tell her how you feel about her when you hear a noise, a god damn wind starts blowing on top of the mountain and her legs slip and she falls in the deep and deadly trench. You know that you'll not be able to save her, and not be able to tell her that you love her and you see her falling and it's not only her, it's your life surrendering to death and you see her face, which slowly diminishes in the trees down the trench, and kaboom, She's gone... and all you're left with is the pendant she was wearing in her wrist which got stuck to your shirt; she gifted you that.. and now you have to die with it, and the endless pain that surrounds you on top of that mountain, and you picture her in that wedding dress and nothing makes sense but her face and you just lay there, thinking about how cruel Life can be. But then, that's Life. You just never knew that like Alaska, she might be dead, out of nowhere. Dead.

That's how cruel fate can be.

Don't miss a single opportunity to defy fate in his plans and tell your loved ones that you love them, because it is never enough, Never.

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