High on the Love toxin ♥ - Part II

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"Myra is here." said Amy.

Amy met Shreya in college when she couldn't find a project and Shreya helped her. They have been friends since then..but the look right now on her face was terrifying. She was looking at me as if I had ruined their girl's night.

Well, actually I had.

I was meeting Shreya after two dozen days and you cannot just think that a relationship could work without meeting each other. It's a fact. *Long distance is a terrible thing. Just awful.* [For genuine proof, watch HIMYM :p ]

I mean it could work. It just might. But, Shreya always needed someone she could rely upon, someone who'd listen to her sad-funny-mixed-emotional stories and who'll listen to her plans about her future. She wants a person to be there for her, bring ice cream for her and read her books. She has strange fetishes. She wanted a guy who'll click her pictures and then tell her that she's ugly and 
laugh with her. [ She was not ugly. ]

She wanted a person who'll write songs for her. She wanted an Artist. She wanted a writer. She wanted the most imperfect guy in the world to just be perfect for her. She wanted me. That was the most amazing gift she ever gave me; falling in love with me.

Seven years ago, when I was taking a ride in the pool under the effect of the scorching heat of the Summer, she told me that she was in love with me. I couldn't believe my senses. My heart was dancing like a freaking robot inside my skinny-outer-body protection. I proposed her and.. Happily Ever After.

"Okay." said Shreya and with that I thought my Date was over.

We went down to see Myra. Now Myra was cool. I clicked with her and we were the best of friends. I have had some interesting encounters with her; The pick of the encounters being the one when I prank-ed her by calling her by the name of Sagar, her boyfriend. She freaked out and I had landed up with a new friend.

"How are you, darling?" Myra asked; giving a rough look to me as if trying to say : "your girlfriend is our friend too. Limit."

I rubbed it off and brought a beer.

Out of now-where, Myra came to me and enquired about my College. We had a little chit-chat before Shreya elegantly interrupted the conversation.

"Myra and Amy, Stop flirting with my Man..."

I loved it when she called me her Man. She was sweet, you know.

"..and I'd like to tell you about my plan for today.."

She was cute. Even with her throat, all red,  screaming at her friends, she was  cute.

"I'm going on a date with.."

I grinned as I heard my name.

"..with Laddu."

Kids, girls like surprises but they are very good givers too. I had never thought that she'd ditch her friends for going out with me but then She was Shreya. She loved to do the not-so-mainstream 

Before our bodies could receive the pillows and bottles by Shreya's friends, I stood up, ran toward Shreya, took her hand and ka-boom we went.

We kept running for half a mile, occasionally kissing, before we came across a gigantic field.
It was lush green. This is what happens when passion meets Job.

We entered and Shreya, so out of breath, tripped me onto the floor. She was a mystery girl. It was always fun to hangout with her, even when we were just friends.

She was laughing.

I made myself comfortable by imitating an airplane on the field, my hands spread out like wings of a Boeing 777.

She put her head on my shoulder and lied down with me, placing her hand on my chest. I tried doing the same and she softly punched me. We laughed.

Stars are a beautiful creation.

"That's an A, Abhi."

"That's a S, Sexy "

"My name is not sexy, bastard."

"But you are."


"I want two kids." I announced my future plans to the girl who was going to bear my children.

She named them for me with the excitement of a grasshopper.

"I'm in love with you, Shreya."

I was. I really was in love with her and I'm not the kind of person who'll deny the very fact that I was in love with my girlfriend, no matter how old-fashioned it may seem, I was. I needed her in the way the earth needs the sun, a football match needs the match ball, an award ceremony needs a dance performance and Human beings need love.

She was love..She was life.. and you know the best part? She was mine.

"So, Mister, What are your plans for tonight?"

"I'..." she hugged my vibe.

She gave up her berth on the field and jumped over me.

I put my hands around her waist and tickled her. She grinned.

"I'm in love with you, Abhishek, and I'd really like to tell you about my latest crush."

I knew she was having fun. I joined in.

"You have a crush? So this is our last night together? Let's kick air balls, Baby." I stared into her eyes.

"No. I have a really huge huge crush on.."

"Laddu. Say Laddu."

"I'm in love with Laddu, okay?.."

"..and I have a huge crush on your surname, Laddu."

I was on cloud nine. My heart, filled with love for this beautiful lady, smiling from deep within whispered in her ears.

"All yours, miss."

Her lips met mine and all I can say about Love is that if you have love, you have life.. and if you don't.. you're the loneliest person alive. Period.

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