High on the Love toxin ♥ - Part I

2:23 AM

I was looking at the lights down the road, bewildered by the shining mouths of Lamborghini's and Audi's, when a sound wave reached one of my sense organs trying to get an answer to one of the toughest Question.

"Shall I bring two bottles of beer or you'll have wine?"

You see? It's hard to choose between them. Both are, in their own senses and effectiveness, a wonderful drink to have on the eve of Christmas.

I chose wine.

Standing on the terrace of my girlfriend's Hostel, with a heart of full of words, I was thinking of the time when, just like the street down hill full of fancy cars and shopping complexes, I first met her.

Her white tee and blue shorts were complementary to the blush she had when She first saw me. There were hundreds of people around us but all I cared for was her eyes, more effective than 25 peg-s of Black Piper. I drowned into them as I cleared my way to reach the love of my life. Well, that escalated quickly.

I shook her hand and she had to pinch me for not letting it go. Who the devil notices the hand shake when you have the epitome of beauty and sexy-ness standing right in front of your two small eyes?

She took my hand and raced to the Clothes department; *SALE. SALE. SALE.*
She was busy trying different clothes in the mirror and I was busy watching her on the other side of it. Okay, she was looking hot. Not like those models posing to get a part of their body devoid of threads on the cover page of Vogue, but like an Indian Bride getting ready for her Marriage; and guess what? I had already imagined her in that red saree.

After buying some five odd one-pieces and ten shorts, she cliched my wrist and boom we went to the Male section; She always wanted me to buy a Black and White two piece Tuxedo.

After getting the order reciept from the cash counter, we went to eat. We loved food. Technically, It was for food that we met and food was the girl's best friend behind her getting a crush on me; or precisely, my food. I don't know when we moved on from sea food love to love at beach.

She waited for me in the parking lot while I went to grab a snow cone. We loved to suck the sweetness out of that crushed ice hanging on a wooden stick and when you have a girlfiriend who'll fight for it, Epic. <3

Before I could take a sip, she grabbed it from my hands and started to have a fun. I was a mere spectator. But not for long. I leaned forward, getting my eyes down to the level of hers and touched the other side of the snow cone with my lips.

Her nose was collinear to mine; I could smell her perfume. We were looking in each other's eyes, our lips seperated by a 2 inch snow cone whose ice was melting at just about the rate we wanted it to. We were edging closer. I grabbed her by her waist and sneaked closer giving her an opportunity to feel the warmth of my breath.

The ice was decreasing and my heart was running as fast as it could. It was the most amazing feeling I ever had. The stick was in touching distance now. She closed her eyes as I took the last bite. Down it went, the stick, and my lips touched hers.

The taste of her lips was sweeter than the milk which had twenty seven tea spoons of sugar and Honey poured into it. My upper lip was under control of her lips as her tongue reached mine. My mind went blank. My stomach was empty. My mind had eluded with the good vibes.

I was flying. I was flying with the sweetest girl on the planet in my arms, her lips drowned in mine. <3

She pushed me. 

I woke up from my memories.

"Here's your wine."

I pulled her closer to my lips, pour the entire bottle on her head and asked her, "Wine's fine but would you mind if I try the taste your lips have on offer?"

"I think you're accustomed enough to them that you can taste the taste in the most sleepiest of your dreams." answered She.

"Now is the best time to feel them again on my lips."

"I think.." I put a finger on her lips and kissed her forehead. 

She opened her mouth, her eyes closed and said "I love you Abhi."

Before I could say those words back to her she touched her lips with mine.

We let go of each other because of her friend intervening between the make out. She was enjoying a free explicit video but we did not want her to.

These girls of your girl,I tell you, always interrupt at the must-not-be-interrupted moment and spoil the cake.

--To be continued--

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