People that I want to last forever ♥

9:43 PM

Not everything lasts forever. Letting go is inevitable. No matter how hard you hold onto something, it will come to an end. Here's a list of things/ people that I want to last forever. Well, Maybe.

1. Mom-Dad
Yes. They have given me part of their life, a part of their soul, a piece of their heart and so much time that is not repayable. They are my everything. There is a reason they are regarded as god. They are my god. They are probably the only living species that are important to me. Like THAT much important. I love them. I don't want to put an end these awesome coffee sessions that I have with them at midnight and the fun we have on a long train journey off to Kashmir. They brought me here and It's my sole responsibility not to disappoint that courteous heart of my parents. I owe to them this life. Thank you. Dad's my hero and Mom's my SuperLady. ♥

2. Barfi
I can write a novel about her and I'd still be short of pages. She's a gem. She's something that people crave for. It's a privilege to have such a beyoutiful lady, who'll not mind coming at my place in pyjamas, on her First Date. *Laughs* Excuse me? Screw the privacy if anybody thought I was talking about sweets. I know my best friend is really sweet but that doesn't mean I think about it in the most hunger-driven way and go and eat her. In fact, I want this bond that I share with her to last Forever. I want to be that guy who goes to her house on her 100th Birthday and pours an entire bottle of champagne on her. ♥

3. Kabadan
There is sweetness, and kindness, and cuteness, and sexy-ness and then there is Kabadan. She's probably the hottest girl in my planet and I owe her a hug for that. No. Not for being so gorgeous. But for being a friend of this cute dumb-ass. [ *Cute* :') ] I mean who the witch does so much for a person.. so much? Life put our friendship through some bad phases but we fought and people would be surprised to know that we're still together.Years from now, I wish we are still together. I want to be that awesome guy her children love. I'll gift them toys and we'll have house party at my place. Awesome. She taught me the meaning of forever. And I want her to prove it, yet again. All her life.♥

4. Mendiratta's (Sector 19) Amazing People. Just amazing. They can make jokes out of a funeral and laugh until their stomach hurts. They are the owners of the remarkable property to get my eyes wet; Damn, those jokes that my cousins make.*Sober*. We're a cricket freak. We've probably jumped more walls to get the ball from the neighbours reign and broken more glasses than the glass manufacturer. Chicken is our second love that mouth-watering tongue-hanging Curd-Black-Pepper Chicken that my Uncle makes would have probably won him the Masterchef's Title. We're a class act. They are. Really. Punjabi's in the house. ♥

5.Chawla's[Sector-30 || RKP]Me : *I'm in love*
Sis : *Let's go to her house then.*
Me : *No. I look horrible right now.*
Sis : *Right now doesn't make sense, bro. You always look horrible, you piece of shit.* *Laughs her eyes out*
Me : *Okay, you replica of Natalie Portman.*
Sis : *Let's eat*
These conversations are just a minute piece of the amount of fun I have had with them. I have always been welcomed at the Chawla's. Humbleness drops out of their mouth as water droplets drop from an open tap. It has always felt like home and the people and cousins out there are just the siblings god forgot to give me. Cricket again comes into play, the sad part of being, I broke their own window pane. :D I love those ice-creams and Uncle's home-made Chicken and my sisters and brothers and uncles and aunts. Party freaks. Punjabi's in the house,yet again. ♥

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