Life goes on

1:08 PM

I can whine about how brutal Life was in reaction to my daft choices but that's not going to make a difference. We all make choices. Bad choices. The trouble is not with making those hard-fought life decisions in the shower. The trouble is to get out of the bathroom and deal with the shit it puts you through.

Life is unfair. Okay? You have to get used to the fact that it'll not go as per plan. Not everyday. No matter how hard you try to shield the front mirror of your car, some bird will always find it's way to shit in the most heartbreaking manner on it. And it's okay.

No one's interested in your life. No one wants to know why she broke your heart. All they want is her phone number.

Friends.. There will always be bad-ass-es in your life who'll betray you.. Always. And one day or the other, the people you hold so dear to your heart, will leave. It's the nature. For every new born lad, there has to be someone who steps into the coffin.

Life will break you. It'll ask you to jump from 55000 feet and it'll not give you wings. It'll ask you to tell the truth, but it'll not give you 1000 cents for it. Yes. You can get disheartened. That's the only reason life was so cruel in the first place. To make you lose your heart. To make you forget the happiest memories of your life. Life is like a dementor(HP). It's her nature to suck the happy memories out of you.

But then, you gotta learn the Patronus charm. You gotta fight for it. It's your life, in fact. You were given this life because you had the balls to survive it. Life's not cruel. It's in its nature to test you. It doesn't want you to take the best people of your life for granted. It wants you to thrive for the best moments. It wants you to get a bold heart, and go all out for it. Anybody would understand if you fell, but to be coloured with red, thrashed and devastated, and to look up at the sky and rise, 
that's Strength. That's what life wants to teach you.

It is unfair. It needs to be. And it's good.

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