My Lovely Lady - Part I ♥

1:22 AM

"Look at the two pieces of diamonds downhill her super-black eyebrows." - My eyes whispered to my heart ♥

I was so mesmerized  by those jet black eyelids that I didn't notice I was standing right in the middle of the road in front of her house.

I had read somewhere that I should never ask her why she is late if she's having a winged eyeliner. Her "curled up" eyelashes, black eyelids, winged eyeliner, and a bucket full of love in her eyes made me say to myself  "Woohoo! Dude! What a choice. :')"

In a black and white outfit, with her glittering cheeks and sparkling lips, and just about the right length of her heels, she kissed me and said " Happy Valentine's Day Abhi. Where are we going? "

"Does that even matter?" She blushed and completed my sentence "As long as we're together, everything is perfect. " I planted a peck on her cheek and opened the door for my lovely lady.

We have been together for some eight years and she was my responsibility. To make her smile was the ultimate job for me and to look at her glowing cheeks, she blushing, gave me the utmost satisfaction. It was just not any other Valentine's day for us. I was going to propose her for marriage. *Butterflies*

She was my-to-be-life-partner and unsurprisingly was a foodie herself.

It was my place where we finally agreed upon to make our most beloved meal "Maggi" . After getting lovey-dovey with her in the empty lift, We reached our destination. I removed the keys from the pocket and opened the door of my room. *Boom* I had forgotten the ring box in my car. I told her I had forgotten something and let her in. Ran back to the parking lot and got the box. Every time I held the box in my hand, it automatically sent a thrill to my body. As if it was the ultimate thing I had to do on the day. In fact, It was. ♥

Anybody would fell captivated to find their darling sweetheart in kitchen making food for them. My foodie-ness added cherry to the cake.

There she was; waiting for the water to reach 100 C. I hugged her from behind and told her not to be this sweet today. *Typical girl* " (Smiling) Shut up! " . I lifted her from her neck and knee and made her sit on the slab. I was sorting out the empty jars of spices when she opened her mouth and let this out " This place is super cool. I wish I could spend the rest of my life here. " 

" Baby, This is all yours. I won't mind a beautiful lady in the house who'd serve breakfast to me in my blanket every morning. " ♥
She gently punched me on my cheek. ♥

"But, I'd fancy a guy who'd wake up earlier than me, make breakfast, kiss me Good Morning and make me "un-use" my hands. ♥

" I'm so good at making bread and butter. And I know you love my Maggi " ♥

We did the " evil laugh. " xD xoxo

Food. Food. Food. No matter if it's Valentine's day or some other day at the college, We two are definitely going to fight for that last bite. We the foodies. ♥

 After finishing "our" meal, We reached the parking lot and were off to the Orphanage. She loved kids! I loved to visit this place on my birthday and make the day beautiful for these unfortunate young guns. 

Interacting with the small kids with your loved one on Valentine's day can make any couple ecstatic. We talked to a bunch of kids who wanted to be Photographers, Writers, Actresses etc. Some wanted to be the next CEO of Google and some others loved travelling. I whispered in my sweetheart's ear " How many will we have? :P " She cute-ly slapped me and said, " Two. A cute Abhishek and a small Shreya " I got an intuition that she had already named our-yet-to-take birth kids. I think she knew it .She knew today's gonna be special. Love was in the air. ♥                 

--To be Continued--                                            

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