Your deeds make you beautiful; not your round ass! [ Well, that's a bonus :D ]

10:49 AM

Source ; Pinterest :)
There was a time when I worried too much about what others thought of me. I was afraid of people. I was afraid of going out 'cause I thought of myself less handsome as others. I never wanted to go out cause that would tell the world how bad I look. And then I'll have no friends. No Girlfriend. Everybody would start hating me. I'd be forever alone.

But as they say, you need something to show that the world doesn't work the way you think it does.

Yes. Your got it right. It doesn't really matter if you don't have a Armani jeans in your wardrobe, Poison Perfume or an amazing tee designed by 'threadless'.

Action speak louder than words; in this case, louder than your physical outfit.

You are what you do. You could dress up as a simple common man and yet move lives. It's about what you can do. It's about what you're best at. Money will follow. Materials will follow.

First, try to be a good human being. Do good. And good shall you reap. 

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