Stolen Life; Stolen Happiness.

11:39 AM

At the temple yesterday, I saw this, not so beautiful lady, on the floor with a plastic bag in front of her filled with orange and yellow sweets that are offered in the temple. She didn't have the likes of Armani and Polo on her cold body.. just a black blanket. She was shivering. There were others out there but she caught my eye. I don't know if it's my introvert-ism that makes me observe such things. She was literally shivering. Her hair as white as milk-bar chocolate and old age had deposited some thick lines on her face.
We, the Indians, on one hand have the most number of employees in Microsoft, the 7 great Engineering institutes [ Yeah IIT ] , have toured the Moon, have a mission under our belt to reach Mars... and on the other side have the most of number of beggars on the streets. Temples. Footpaths. Everywhere.
Call me a Atheist, but I don't know what made GOD think about them so badly. I don't know what their purpose is in life. I have tried to ask a few of those unfortunate people as to what do they aspire to become when they grow up? Their usual answer is " I want money. " I wanna make my family proud. " I wanna be a car driver. " I want to meet Sachin Tendulkar. " I want food and water. "
The distressing fact isn't that they are so unfrotunate. It is that they don't know how to get out of the infinite web. They don't have the facilities to educate their children. They don't have the money to feed their children. They don't have the money to be able to deposit some cash in the house.
The damaged roof, evil surroundings, foul smell.. that's where they live.
And well, they have a name for them as well. A fully qualified, Internationally accepted name for their community. ' Beggars '
To whosoever invented this word, Beggar is the country who has a plethora of such people who can be giant use to the economy for the country, and yet don't realise their importance.
_|_ India. Take a bow!
P.S. : I wish I had the bucks to start an organisation. [ Not a fuc**ng corrupt NGO]

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