Loss of a loved one. :| :)

6:30 PM

"Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living." - J.N. Harris

Losing a closed one is always heartbreaking. But if that loved one is one of your parent, the pain is devastating.

You're stunned. You feel like a living zombie. You're destroyed. You have no passions. No life. You can see your life falling into pieces and you know that you are not skilled enough to do anything with that. You feel that the loss is just not of a human being but the loss of one's piece of heart which no other piece can be a replacement of.  You just want to disconnect from everybody. You don't wanna talk with anybody. You don't wanna live anymore. You have lost your purpose. Breaths are there. Alongside the absence of life. Now, that's terrible!

You regard that loss with the biggest you're ever had and you don't wanna remember any little thing about that broken piece that cut you through in half and broke you into pieces. The pain you felt when you got a fracture in your leg is nothing in front of this pain.  Whenever you try to think about them, you see their face, their dead face, and little pieces of diamond start rolling down your cheek. It's the most ugliest form of living. Being there and yet prohibiting existence.

My mother told me that when people die they become stars. How'd your little piece of star feel and it/he/she will see their darling angel and champ crying? Wouldn't it make them feel sad about you? Okay this is being superstitious but it's right. How many benefits of not eating, always crying, being a living dead can you list? I'm afraid; not many.

As Xiao Dre says, " Life will knock us down, but we can choose whether or not to stand back up. "

We can choose to lay down there and contemplate, curse our fatem curse god and die. Or we can live up to it, let it strengthen you, be strong and do what others were sure that you won't. Okay, the pain is shattering but it'sotyout fault. What's has happened has happened. You don't possess the magical capabilities to go back and save your parent. Distract your mind. Try doing what you've always loved to do. Try doing what your parent would love to see you doing. Try doing their favorite stuff in the best possible way. Cry your heart out. Cry. Cry. Keep Crying. But once, just wrap it up and never look back again. get inspired from your other parent. See, how he/she's handling all the stuff. They have got a mountain to climb. Steeper and higher than yours. Trust yourself. Have faith in god and thank him for whatever he's given you. Trust him to be good to you ( he still was good to you, there was a reason. ) and think of a bright future and move on. It'd take guts. It'd take will power. It'd take determination, but it'll be worth it. RIP your parent. L^3IP you. ♥ [ L^3IP -- > LiveLoveLaughInPeace]

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