Lambo fell in love - Part I

1:19 AM

On the silky black roads of the beautifully decorated and well-maintained streets of 'Yew Nork City' I'm riding my 2014 model, blood red scooter. With the shining blue sky up, I'm pretty excited. The reason why Lambo, the dog on the left ( got the point? ), is a bit tensed is today's he's going on a date with Fritzie ( A cute Bitch ).
Oh, these love birds <3
Lambo's my best friend's dog and Fritzie is a bitch who lives in 'Jew Nersey'. Lambo met her at Chickenette. You could tell that Lambo had fallen for her the moment he saw her. He was so excited to tell me about the female dog. Here's what happened : ( Me - M ; Lambo - L )

L : Hey buddy! Am I looking good?

M : Have you ever? Rub it off man!

L : (Barks) Abhi, look at my tail. Is it okay? Check out my nose. Is it dirty? Don't forget to check my lengthy ears. You're my best friend. Abhi.

M : I've got 'ships' of work to do. You could go to the saloon and check yourself out. Need bucks?

L : No. Hey! Tell me about the latest Fink Ployd track. Can I use your Perfume? How about my biceps? Dude, did you remember I kicked that puppie's ass last month. Last song that you dedicated to Madhavi? We're buddies man. Tell me.

M : Why the f**k are you acting like you just met a cute doll who fell in love with you?

L : ( Shouts ) Bro, I'm in love.

M : If you could fall in love, I could jump  into the Bermuda Triangle and return.

L : I'm not lying. I saw this cute beautiful bitch ( Lambo turning red)... Wow Man! You know when I First saw her.. She smiled. And then she looked away. I knew I had a chance. Then I approached her. She kept ground. I came closer. She started moving. I ran. I grabbed her hand and said " Hey sexy. Your tail's fantastically twisted. Would you like to twist into mine? " She was flattered, buddy. I think she fell in love with me. She gracefully replied
" Why would I refuse? " .....

M : If this is some 'dog-made story' that you're exhaling to get my perfume, then I'm gonna kick your ass right now.

L : You think it's a joke?
* shows me a picture of himself with the bitch*

M : Photoshop?

L: No. Her name's Fritzie.

M : Pet of Frito Lays?

L : Knock it off, man!

M :Fritzie and Lambo. F and L.  Futile and Lazy. Haha xD

L : She loves white dogs.

M : Are you Mr. First?

L : guess what? Some dogs out there were eve teasing my girl. I broke their leg. She hugged me man. She hugged me<3 Oh! When she stood ground with her legs and her two fore-legs wrapped around me, the warmth of her body, the odour of her perfume ( It was 'Lardley Yondon' )..her ear right beside my ear, her tummy right beside my stomach, her paws on my back... oh.. she took my heart away. <3

M : *I wonder what would happen if he goes on a date with her*

L : And Abhi, I want to learn driving. In one day.

M : I'm not a kid version of Jesus Christ.

L : I have to go on a Date tomorrow with Fritzie.

M : I'll drop you man. ( #And ruin your date :P# )

L : *Runs towards me*

M : * Moves to the right*
Lambo's on floor.

L : Ouch!

M : I've got to go.

L: Don't forget my date. Tomorrow at 8 p.m. * grabs guitar * " Your hand fits in mine...."
* See the pic. Conversation.*

M : Lambo, this is not your bone. + You don't have license.

L : Dude, just chill.

-- To be Continued --

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