It's not that I cannot. The fact is that I do not want to live without you. ♥

8:29 PM

To have struck a friendship with someone as amazing as you was one of the best things that ever happened to me. * Thanks GOD*

You know what? People call me a crazy whenever your text reaches my phone. Why? 'cause I start smiling. Laughing. Dancing. doing all the weird stuff. You don't know how much happiness that single piece of encrypted data grants me. ♥

You know what? When you tell me about your childhood memories, I feel sorry for you. Not because the stories are bad. But because I'm not a part of that fun. Damn! I missed it. ♥

When we think of all the good stuff that'll happen in our life if got together. When you tell me that I'm the most important guy in your life. And I tell you that you're the most be-you-tiful girl I've ever met. ♥

When we plan our future and I tell you how much I'm going to tease you, and when you try to compete with that.. ♥

When we talk about being neighbors and doing all the good/ bad stuff together. Wishing each other Happy Birthday at 00:00 and Eating the entire cake of each other's birthday party. ♥

When we talk about roaming the streets together, have dinner in a roadside restaurant, Roam around Chandni Chowk and not leave any shop un-tried. ♥

When you sing songs to me, when you tell me how much you mean to me, when you make sure that I;m as high as the Eiffel Tower, when you promise me the kisses and the hugs, when we plan our future together.... Sure, There may be girls out there who can do the same things as you. But, baby, there is not a single one out there, except you, who could make feel the way you can. Butterflies are common; but the shiver caused by your be-you-tiful face is incomparable.  ♥

It's hard to find gems like you. I mean girls are everywhere. But to have someone who's close to being Mila Kunis for me, who's the most be-you-tiful, sweeter than honey, cuter than a newly born child, kinder than Mother Teresa, as hot as me, and still, a simple Indian girl, is just a blessing from someone up there. Sure, I can live without you. But,who'd want to? I don't. I don't want to live without you. :')

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