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3:41 PM

Believing is a part of living.

Life has knocked me down several times. But I believe that I'll never back down. I'll never let others run over me. I believe that I have the power to change the world. I believe that my actions determine my destiny. I believe my life is what I make of it. I believe that Life can knock me down a 1000 times; but I'll have to fight. Not just a 1000 times. But a 1001 time. And win on the last attempt. You know, It's too easy to give up on a problem and back down for ages. It's easy to regret. It's easy to say you couldn't do it. But it takes guts to stick to it, and one fine day, you'll succeed. I believe that Life will knock you down; it's your choice whether to love the ground or to get back up and touch the sky.

I believe that there is no such thing called "Moving on". I believe that once you have had feelings for someone, they'll stay there. Forever. And Ever. I believe that even after finding another woman, the love of your life, you can never forget your first love. I believe that that woman will love me for who I am, Not what she wants me to be, she'll be mine, and just mine, and she'll do everything just to see my cheeks glowing. I believe she'll be the one who'll make me fall in love with the world. I believe she'll be my lifeline. But at the same time, I believe in Second Love, Third Love.. and so on. I believe that even after finding my Shreya, I'll never forget my first love. Because, no mater what she did to me, and what we went through, I'll always love her. I believe that I'm not that wise to make her fall in love with me. But at the same time, I believe that someday, I'll find my Shreya. [ I can hear your footsteps, baby :') ] I believe that even if my daughter could not call her 'Mum', She can definitely be my son's Aunt. I believe that I can still be friends with my ex.
I believe in myself. I do not believe in facts. But Actions. I believe that people will always judge you. With one foot inside the case, they'll still call you a loser. I believe that everybody who told me I'm  a loser, is a loser him/herself. I believe that I should never interrupt someone who's doing a job I couldn't do. Chances
are that he/she might make it out.

I believe in GOD. I believe that whatever is happening in my life, he's a master plan behind it. I believe that whatever he does, is for my good.

However, I don't believe that he lives in temples. I don't believe that those 'latex products' which have them dressed in gold, have them. I believe that not having Chicken on Thursday is a stupid notion. I mean who made Thursday? We fucking human beings. God didn't send someone to tell us not have chicken on this/that. Do you really think he'll love his dogs starving? I don't believe in lighting candles in the Church. I'd rather light that candle in a house which doesn't know what it means to shine.

I don't regard god as a Living super-power.  I regard him as my best friend. He's always there with me. Always. He's within me. And for 'god's' sake, god doesn't live in those fucking buildings in every other state. He lives in your heart. Yeah. I believe in that.

I believe that I need a life partner. But, I also believe that my parents need their son. I believe that I need money. But I also believe that those pieces of paper are nothing in front of the heaven my parents provide me with. My sweetheart maybe very beautiful, but my mother will always win. I believe that the relationship you have with your parents is the one which matters the most. Making money is nice. Neglecting family is a shit poured on your face by yourself.

I believe that no matter what happens, I'll always have my best friends with me. I know we've had bad patches to counter. But I also know that She'll never ever let go of me. I believe that she's one of the best things GOD ever granted me and I cannot thank god for that with all my might.

I believe that I'm a great writer. I know you'd argue but that's your problem. I believe that one day a book named " A fairy tale of Love and Friendship " will rock your world. And you'll thank me later.

Above all, I believe in myself.

..I believe in a thousand more things. I'll tell you some other day...

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