A mother is better than your Galaxy S4.

9:08 PM

Credits : Deeksha Madaan

How has life become these days?
We say we like company and sit in the same room with someone busy on our phones. We say we like to party and instead of dancing we are so busy clicking pictures and uploading them on Facebook right away. We say we love our family and yearn to spend quality time with them but keep on texting our friends when we are with them.


Why have changing times ravaged relationships?  Is technology to be blamed? Or our desire to be socially active?

Real world has ceased to exist. We all love in a virtual world now; engrossed in our gadgets. EXPENSIVE gadgets! Well their price is worth it, isn't it? After all we take care of these things that much. Our heart skips a beat as our phone falls to the ground, does not it?
We have come far away now. The essence of inter-personal relationships has vanished. Social media has taken over social gatherings, chatting has taken over talking,'Hangouts' has taken over partying, Facebook pictures have taken over old photo albums, status updates have taken over good articles.
Take a deep breath*
Look around.*
Whom are you with?
Your friend?  Your sibling? Or parents?
Is that person busy on their phone?
Well, probably  yes.

You know the problem is if you try to switch off your phone, you are buried in that never ending spiral of " This girl must have uploaded a new pic. That girl might have texted me. " and stuff that you just cannot resist yourself. We are so used to the metal piece that dispossessing it makes us feel like short of an organ. Sad. We don't realize that there was a time when we so carelessly played on the streets and mum's gentle arms were our Air conditioners and Earphones. When Dad's little toy car gift was the ultimate possession and sister's kiss on the cheek made our day. We've changed; The bad thing is not for good.
There is so much to learn from those small children. :')

C'mon now! Press the exit button. Lock your phone or shut your PC. Keep it aside. And go have a chat with the person beside you!
You'll find out that real company is always better than a gadget and your virtual friends. I bet :)

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