What is a New Year?

9:23 PM

Just a couple days in and boom! It'll be the end of 2013. The year had lots to show. From Little Master's retirement to Miley Cyrus twerking and bare-breast Christmas greetings, we've had enough to bid goodbye and enter 2014.
Just for a moment, put aside your new year eve's plans, your party-all-night outings and whatever you've planned with your parents or partner. And reflect. Think 'bout the 364 days that went by in a whisker. Think about your accomplishments and think about your downfalls. Think about where you were on 30 December 2012 and calculate how far you have came. Are you closer to your dream or all you did in the past 52 weeks was have beer, breaking up, and contemplate over the wrong people ?
I was at home last year on this day and I was thinking of a new year party akin to 30 December 2011...ha! Ergh, I'm an introvert and party stuff is just not my cup of tea. All I did on New Year's eve is thank my parents my family and my closed ones for being a part of my journey. I thought about what 2013 would bring to us and it was great. No regrets!
I hope 2014 is even better.
A shit list would already be ready and put in the cupboard by most of you tagged under " New Year Resolutions ". Be honest and count the number of resolutions you've accomplished in the whole of your life? I'm sorry. But the idea of New Year Resolutions just doesn't work. I mean what do you think of 2014 or any other new year? Is it a automated machine that'll help you loose 10 pounds, incremented bank balance, a hot girlfriend and good grades. If you couldn't accomplish the task in 52 weeks, how do you expect to complete it in another 52 weeks starting from a day named 1 January!
Think about it.
Rather what you can do is start from today and surprise yourself with a great result in just a day. That'd be something to party all night on new year's eve.
Have a blast. xD
Be happy. Laugh. Live. Love. Drink Coffee <3

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