Success comes from persevering; knocking the door until the wood says " I'm done! "

6:19 PM

You must be really annoyed with yourself after having played so well in the game and yet to end up at the losing corner. The most logical and easiest thing that would have came in your mind is to 'GIVE UP'. I can tell you that it was not the most logical! It was the most easiest thing that you had the courage to succeed at. You were criticizing yourself and were trying to hide in the closet because you feared people; their comments on your defeat.

But have you ever thought about what would have happened if you tried to be a somewhat courageous guy [ Like 'Courage : The Cowardly Dog ' ] and give it another shot? Chances are that you might have succeeded. Reason being :

1) You have already played the game once.
2) You really want to win.
3) You know your mistakes and you can improve on that.
4) It's a new game. [No matter what happened in the first Ashes test in 1995. That's not going to shape the proceedings of the Last Ashes test of 2013-2014 series.] Got the point?

But because you surrendered with your hand in air the air proclaiming : I'm a loser... You ruined the possibility of a comeback. If you do not buy a ticket, you do not win the raffle. Think about it!

Trying is everything. Why do you fear failure so much? Rephrasing the existing one, Failure is just an opportunity to begin again, this time with a plan, improved mistakes, and a will to win.

Life is full of hard battles. You're going to end up on the losing side in quite a few. Been there. But giving up is just not the right thing to do. Persevere! Get through the patch! Show them the maker's name and win like a BOSS! \,,/

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