People have come and gone. Thank you to all those who stayed.

10:18 PM

Do you renumber that friend who left you 2 years ago? Still have feelings for your ex-girlfriend who broke up with you for some cheap reason? You lost your best friend after she got into a relationship? Your boyfriend left you cause he thought you're not good enough?  You broke up with your girlfriend cause she was double-dating?
Please. Please. Please. Just forget them. And forgive them too. All those people, may it be best friends, people you regarded as compatible soulmates or the family members, they left you for a reason. They left and you've gotta accept that. I know it's easier said than done but whats gone is gone. You may under-estimate yourself and proclaim a thousand times in front of the mirror that you're just a piece of shit.. those stabbers just don't give a fuck. Nor they deserve any. Just stop giving a shit to them and depressing your own mood because of those retards. They left, right? What that means is someone prayed for your good and someone very beautiful up there approved of it. Mr. God has something even better for you. Just wait, buddy!
The most amazing things in life happen at unexpected times. <3
Learn to let go. And stop under-estimating yourself.
Life is too short to live with regrets. Live fully. Laugh heartily. :')

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