Love. Love. Love. ♥

1:03 PM

When all you wanna do is go and see her. That :')

When all you wanna do is go and hug her and hold your entire world in your arms. That :')

When all you wanna do is go and touch her beautiful lips with your beautiful lips and play lipsy lipsy. That :')

Whatever happens in your life, may it be a good affair or a bad happening, all you wanna do is go and share that with her. tell her your deepest secrets. That :')

When you don't care about anybody else in the world and her happiness means everything to you. You cannot see her in tears and you're ready to bury whosoever made those tears fall. That :')

When you trust her more than you trust yourself. That :')

You just wanna be with her and share her joys and sadness and live the rest of your life with her. That :')

Yeah! That amazing feeling called 'Love'  

Sometime back you both were strangers, you didn't know a single thing about her and she didn't know that someone like you existed. But when you met her.. an amazing thrill went through your body. you can still relive that moment. :') She's not super-attractive or anything, She's just a be-you-tiful girl. You slowly start to get to know her, and the more you do, the more adorable she becomes, until she's literally become the most attractive girl you've ever met. She's fun to be around. She's a great girl. She's awesome. You can think of all the good qualities of her while running out of your fingers. You really like being around that girl and spend your entire day listening to her. You both laugh around, roam around, hangout, have loads and loads and loads of fun and create lovely memories. And then people say " She's just a simple girl. I don't know what you see in her. " and your only answer is " what is there not to see? "
The way she shares her childhood memories with you, the way she takes care of you, the way she holds her family together, the way she holds your relationship with her, the way she talks to you, that chemistry between you and that sweetheart, the fun you have, the way she teases you and the way she tells you that this relationship is the best she's ever had. ♥ Her wonderful blush and side ways movement of her beautiful lips.. God! She does everything what an Angel would do. Yeah! Your angel. :') xD
It's a special feeling that your both share and you wake up everyday just to be with her. You know that she's all yours and she knows that you're all hers. That :')

Life finally starts making sense and you're happier than ever. And deep in your heart you know that She's taken your heart away. You have fallen in love with her ♥ ♥ :')

Cheers to the feeling. xD

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