God made us! He made them too! :(

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India. The country that always boasts of its military base, the largest democracy, most number of engineering graduates, IITs, Sachin Tendulkar, and a hell lot of other things. Have you ever thought about how many unfortunate people are there in our country? No! No! Don't call yourself unfortunate just cause you screwed your exam, or you're single, or you have a poor salary, or your team was just brushed off by Manchester United! I'm talking about those people who are the official owners of the footpaths of our country; who are the residents of the evil-affected areas of our beloved nation. Those people don't own a fancy bungalow, nor a fancy car, nor do they have a beautiful wife like you! They don't have the gigantic bank balances, nor knowledge of how a set equation is solved. They are UNFORTUNATE! That big fat lady up there is the mother of a great man. Great 'cause his salary is 300k per month. Great cause he crammed the shitty Chemistry and learned all the formulas that Physics had on offer and passed. I don't know how that bastard got through Mathematics with his mugging abilities but his other thinks he's great. You know why? Cause because of his enormous bank balance, his mother can showcase her fat beauty, wear fancy sarees and boast of her wealth. She can tell Mrs. Kapoor " Koi nh jii. Appke bete ki bhi achi jagah naukri lag jayegi. Mere bete ko hi dekh lijiye! [ Nevermind! Your son will soon get a wealthy job. ] " All she cares about is Money. Think of your significant other . And Imagine you two sitting on that bench that was made-fixed-painted by 'one unfortunate guy'! How fortunate you both are two have found each other in that park and confess your love on a 'unfortunate's artifact' . Did you thank God? Did you thank his creativity? I'm an Android lover and have been part of the kind of fight you see up there. You : My phone has Kitkat. Other : My phone has S View. You : My Phone has Octa-core processor. Other : My phone has a 8 gb ram! Seeing people flaunting their money for a piece of metal which comes refurbished every month makes me think : What about those unfortunate people? And then comes that unfortunate guy sitting at the corner of the park; frustrated, devastated, alive but murdered! I don't know how many of you take full advantage of all the facilities that you have been awarded? A lot of us think of the beggars, the unfortunate people as poor, untouchables who don't deserve our attention. They don't know how to speak English, they don't know how to dress up, they don't k now half the thing that you know! Right? But their manufacturer is the same person as yours. They are god's children and they are talented too. It's just that they don't have the facilities to become a star. Don't judge them just because they live on the footpaths and eat bad food, don't bath and the entire criteria that's there in your mind of a good person . You never know! There may be some talented human beings in there who are better engineers; not crammers better doctors; not money makers, betters writers, dancers, actors; In short : A good Human Being! I wish I had the bucks to help them out. To provide them with all the facilities. Largest Democracy? hahahaahahaha :D And look at yourself? You have the facilities and yet what have you done? Think about it! And then again, we never notice such people in the outskirts of the country whispering " I wish I had a pencil, an eraser and a sheet. I love to draw. " I expect a masterpiece from them. They are unfortunate. They have got all the pain. What can be a better combination? Artist + Pain : Picture Perfect! :)

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