First time feels great! ^_^

3:21 PM

Whether you verse about your first love, first car, first proposal, first salary, first child, first [ Insert any number of items here ], you get an amazing feeling. Nothing could come at par with that thrill you felt on that first day of your college. First love is always special and unforgettable. First salary makes you feel alive. Yes! First always tops the ranking of feelings. And, this is my first post...

It's a Hello, Namaste, bonjour, Halo etc. to my friends all over the world. This is Abhishek Soni, student and writer from India. :D  My hobbies include Listening to music, Collecting Pictures[London], reading novels and healthy articles and Of-course Writing. This is my virtual Diary and I'm going to share lots and lots of my beautiful thoughts. Hope it makes you ' feel good. '

Thank-you.  <3 God Bless us all! :')

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